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Pain relief world summit [Post: #115101]

A free online event about pain relief using EFT will start tonight 3rd Oct 2011 and last for 6 days. 2 presentations per day, and they will be available for 24 hours.

The first talk is by Gwenn Bonnell and she’ll cover:

-How she healed her chronic leg pain in one tapping session!

-The difference between acute and chronic pain (and how it affects your healing journey)

-Strategies for dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with pain

-How metaphors can help you understand your body’s messages

The second talk is by Stacey Vornbrock and will cover:

-How these techniques are helping professional athletes get back in the game 3-4 weeks earlier than expected (imagine what they can do for you!)

-Clearing the common fears before the surgery to improve your experience and the results of the surgery

-Tapping protocols for Trauma, Adrenaline, Emotions connected with the injury, surgery, rehab, fear of re-injury, habit of pain and more

This particular presentation is most helpful if you’ve suffered from:

* Injuries
* Car Accidents
* Falls
* Concussions
* Surgeries
* Medical Procedures
* Dental Work

Register at:

and learn how to use a protocol at the leading edge of the 'energy therapies'.
Not that many of the protocols and scripts used have universal application and once one grasps the basic principle can be tailored to whatever issue one wants to deal with.

"Life knows its needs"


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