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Questions :) [Post: #126749]

Hey there everyone,
I was wondering if it would be ok if I ask some questions here. I find it quite hard to talk about sexuality openly, but there are some things I have experienced and they are very related to it. I feel like I should not ignore this doorway and try to learn more.
But its so hard to find a place where you can talk about it with others that are maybe familiair with the topic.

Just to give an idea:
I am a woman from Europe, had a difficult childhood wit alcoholic parents and was raped by the first man I ever opened up to. I was 23, I had not rushed into lovemaking and relationships. He was the first.
He was about 8 years older.

Anyway. Throughout my life (its 10 years later now) I have major issues that I struggle with. Mostly social anxiety, fear for specific things etc. I am very blocked.
I have tried many things to let go of all these energies that seem so stuck in me. Therapy, meditation, yoga, mindfullness etc. Everything helps a bit, but nothing 'truly' reaches deep inside.
I recently had an experience that led me to thinking/considering the practise of tantra.
It seems that this is a very powerful way to release things. But its of course super important to follow this path in a responsible and save way.
Meeting a therapist that is into these things, is something that I do not have the courage for. What if this person takes advantage of me, or what if he/she is not doing the right things?
I feel quite vunerable.

So, I am working on my own now. But I experience things that I am not familiair with, and really feel that I need someone that I can ask questions.

Are there any people here that feel like they could help a bit?

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