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Advice Please [Post: #127138]

Hi, everyone. I have a problem and I don't know what to do. I could really benefit, and would sincerely appreciate any tips or advice. Thank you. I am currently doing a work-trade (or a work-exchange) agreement which means that I am given accommodation - a room to sleep in and meals - in exchange for my services here: which would be cleaning, and helping out around the land owners' farm. I am very uncomfortable and often feel disrespected by my 'coworkers'. I cannot afford to leave, and as I respect myself, I do not want to continue on like I don't feel the way I do nor do I want to keep tolerating their abuse, but I feel like I run the risk of upsetting/offending the hosts to the point that they ask me to leave. I have a fifth dimensional consciousness (and as I don't have friends or a support system) this is pretty much the way I am operating - I do not find meaning or fulfilment from discussing mundane things, I don't talk just for the sake of talking - it needs to be directly applicable or beneficial, I believe in the high road always. I would not act on my negative feelings nor resort to disrespecting them because they do so to me, and I completely understand that I cannot control or change anyone but myself. And as I am open minded, I would like to believe I could, with the help of some advice, change this atmosphere - but I am also very aware that these women are detrimental to me, and display harmful behavior to the hosts as well (who seem to be perfectly okay with everything).

The thing about this hosts' listing that stuck out to me were that they said they were accepting of all Spiritual paths, and that their "community is evolving into a kind, loving place to be". I assumed that they would be as high as I am, and I would generally feel comfortable. Honestly, my intuition did tell me to beware, but I couldn't afford to listen to it. And now:

1. 2 of the other female workers are controlling and condescending
2. They either do not respect my need to be silent or -
3. They do not understand how/why this mode of being would be intentional - which tells me there is an extreme maturity difference
4. They constantly try to befriend me using methods that I feel are inappropriate - criticizing my physical appearance, asking personal questions about things that I feel like I have obviously shown them I am not willing to discuss.

How could I bring this to the hosts' attention without offense? Would you even recommend that I do? Or do you think it would be best to stay silent and keep reaching out to communities that I feel would be a better fit? I feel like I need both to find a way to address this, and keep searching because I cannot afford the transportation anywhere, and in the event a new hosts says, yes, you can come but we won't pay to transport you, it could mean a longer stay.


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