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Maturity Differences [Post: #127129]

I am transient, and currently have no livable income. As I write this, I am on a greyhound bus moving from one work-trade to another. Work-trade= I provide services (cleaning, garden help, etc) for a household or business in exchange for a place to live & food to eat. It also goes by work-exchange -this kind of thing was created for travelers who were on a tight budget/also wanted to participate in a cultural exchange. The last one was incredibly toxic because the male head of house that I was working with was very negative and draining. He complained to me about whatever he could think of morning, afternoon and evening when I was working, and when not (if I happened to be near him) -he was also very critical of me, and somewhat a bully at times. This next one that I am going to is also hinting at a negative experience but for a very different reason. This is because the hostess is poor in communication. I can tell by our email conversation: In her first message/response to me, she (lazily or what have you) left her sentence/question unfinished and placed a question mark anyways. In this message, she basically gave me eager permission to come, and then took 2 days to respond to my next message to her. She said someone could meet me to pick me up when I arrived, but did not actually give any confirmation of receipt of the message in which I told her my arrival date/time (she knew I wanted to come within the next couple of days). I personally would have been in full, respectful contact the entire time. I still don't have the confirmation that I will be picked up then, or by who, or what car they will be driving. I really do not understand how she could currently be expecting this to work. I know that I am a very clear communicator. I feel like these people are also going to be very immature, and that I am going to make them as uncomfortable as they will make me, and I will again leave a work-trade before I start generating any income for myself (in my off-time). These things are supposed to be fun. That's why I am always so positive & excited in reaching out to hosts, but this will be my 4th one now, and while I am extremely grateful, I have yet to have a truly positive experience. The end goal with a work-trade in which I have a positive experience is to have my basic needs taken care of, make some money online (enough to support myself) and make a friend or 2. But the friend department is seriously looking like I will have to wait much, much longer.

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