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I think it is time for a new religion [Post: #126977]

I would like to discuss the need for a new religion. You probably think that there are too many religions as it is, and I am inclined to agree with you. But all of the existing religions lack something which is crucial to the forward evolution of our society. The major religions attempt to answer questions about life after death, but do not address the questions we need answered about life before death. While we are alive on this planet we have a lot of work to do before God will be satisfied with our efforts.

The Christian belief of Heaven and Hell are the crux of the problem. People believe that eternal punishment is something which must be avoided at all costs, and are all too eager to accept ridiculous notions if it means they are exempt from such pain and suffering. Shortcuts to Heaven abound throughout the various churches, and salvation creates the complacency which is so prevalent in our world and which is largely responsible for our collective indifference to the trials and tribulations of so many members of our human family. Too many people believe that all they have to do to gain eternal life is to believe that Jesus died for their sins. Life is a bit more complicated than such a simple formula.

Rather than accept eternal punishment and/or eternal reward as what awaits us after death, I think it is more prudent to embrace a belief system which describes a gradual progression along a very long path at the end of which can be found the eternal reward. In a word, Reincarnation. After many lives, perhaps hundreds of thousands, our consciousness grows and expands until we are aware of the Divinity we have always been a part of.

Given a long and arduous path which must be traversed before enjoying the eternal reward, individuals will be forced to change their evil ways if they are ever to find happiness. There are no religions today which provide this built-in incentive system. Religions today do not synthesize humanity as much as they create separation and discord. I believe this new religion could speed up our social evolution dramatically, and provide a platform of love and respect and right human relations. We are all one family on this glorious planet and the sooner we recognize the divinity of everyone the sooner we can enjoy the eternal reward. Spirituality, love and unity will be rewarded. Materialistic separatism and hate will be punished.

All of the religions are very similar in that they promote loving, selfless behavior. The basic tenets of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are all good, beautiful and true. The new religion will build on these tenets, emphasize our shared Path, and teach how we can help each other find eternal reward.

This thread is just a thought experiment. I'm interested in finding out if anyone is receptive to this idea. Please don't reply to this if you just want to argue. We are all one. Not all are aware of this fact and as a result we have the problems of humanity. Love is the key to solving all of these problems. This new religion will promote love, because failure to love will yield bad and painful karma. Nobody wants bad and painful karma.

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