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05/28/17 06:21 PM

Catholic VS New Age [Post: #126497]

Catholicism and the New Age seem to run at extreme opposites but when I got deeper into my research on Catholicism I found truly STARTLING similarities in attitude and realised they are actually
two faiths aiming for the same mark, from opposite angles. With a few things thrown in that make no sense on either side!

Catholic Eucharist = Positive Vibrations, ie, "raising vibration." You are what you eat! Catholics genuflect to the eucharist when they enter a church, which is similar to seeking the manifest presence of God on Earth, for example, by looking for God in peaceful places.
Catholic Sin = Doing negative things/transgressions against your own higher nature.
Catholic Hell = Lack of All That Is in your life, either because of belief or negative energy buildup/closed chakras.
Catholic Purgatory = The need to "burn away", transcend and transmute all negative frequencies before ascension.
Jesus was crucified, died and rose again, then descended to Hell, and finally ascended body and all to Heaven = physical and spiritual ascension.
Catholic "No sex before marriage" = Guidance not to share sexual energies outside of unconditional love.
Mortal Sin = Avoidance of destruction and other "negative" actions.
Venial Sin = "Positive" actions and "staying in the light."
Anti abortion and contraception = New Age anti murder, destruction and seeing all beings as YOU. Absolute trust in All That Is.
Grace from God = Spiritual Awakening.
Intercession of the Holy Spirit = Spiritual journey and dark night of the soul.
Spontaneous Healing/Faith Healing = Law of Atraction, Chakra balance (ENERGY balance) and healing by healing the spiritual body first.
Focus on Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Mary and Saints = Focus on All That Is, Angels and Ascended Masters (who are the same no matter what you believe!)

What makes no sense about catholicism? Well, obviously to a large extent the anti-abortion of contraception stance, for many reasons includng the abuse of women. The catholic stance of homosexuality and gay marriage clearly harks back to an earlier era when children were desperately needed, noawadays, rather a redundant concept since we are vastly overpopulated. There are also socio-economic factors, like the need for women to work full time, which didn't exist back then. And obviously euthanasia. Since the bible was written we have a much better understanding of medicine and the body and we can now discern who has a chance of recovery and who doesn't, so it makes no sense to oppose euthanasia. The Catholic focus on Heaven rather than learning the lessons of Hell, largely out of fear of punishment in Hell is very destructive. Catholicism provides structure which is very strict, and some of the rules can breed ignorance to human suffering.

What makes no sense about the new age? Dependence on channelled information which can be inaccurate or interpreted inacurately or with "spiritual immaturity." No central guidance. Catholic priests, for example, are highly educated in scripture in a historic and modern social context, which the New Age lacks to a large extent. Teachers tend to be people in contact with higher beings, posing problems with information accuracy and accuracy of interpretation. The New age obsession with light at the expense of darkness/shadow work. People get very easily stuck in the new age because they can easily avoid a full examination of conscience and use psychological techniques to mask their issues. New Agers can become very easily unbalanced in positive/negative, a problem that comes from having no central structure.

Mix both religions together and we might be getting somewhere ;)


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