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Angels and Demons :) [Post: #113461]

i'd like to hear some opinions on this post.... especially from gerrit

The bible was written in an age where free thought was considered Heresy. A time where the writings of a few men litterally dominated the spiritual ideals and beliefs of the world.

Logic had no place in this time....Now consider the idea of the "fallen angel"... Gods favorite, most beautiful angel decided to rebel against him because of pride. Pride is a human condition, and thinking that an angel would be driven by a human condition isn't logical. If angels exist they are beings that are far beyond human emotions or even the so called "sins" that plague us.

The bible was writen by man, not by God. So the writings are also subject to human interpretations. For instance the "Great Flood" was thought by many to be a world wide flood, but its known now that it was a regional flood. Or even the exodus where moses parted the sea...its known now that the area that he crossed could be litterally parted with the right wind. Now im not saying it wasn't an act of God but im saying its logical, it could actually happen.

Consider the idea that Satan isn't a demon trying to end the human race or even enslave us (as if we arn't already) Lucifer is the "opposer' or the "adversary"...he isn't against God. This is human interpretation and again illogical. How does one challenge the power of the creator, especially a being that must be intelligent beyond anything imaginable by human minds.

Even with the example where he tried to tempt jesus in the wilderness, he was simply doing his job. The very idea that an angel would attempt to overthrow the one who created him is just rediculous. The fact is (imo) lucifer works with God to tempt humans to not follow their spiritual path. To believe in materialism, selfishness, greed and hatered, because without faith and knowledge of the spirit theres no progression. IF theres no progression in your spiritual development you'll be comming back for another round in the cycle of reincarnation because you haven't learned your lessons.

Satan isn't against God hes one of his greatest allies! He's definately not on our side, but he doesn't want us to fail! His job is to make it as hard as possible to learn our lessons in this life. To tempt us to turn from God, and even believe there is no God, but just like any other angel he loves us and wants us to pass our tests.

So again human interpretation from hundreds of years ago has no logical basis. People lived in fear of God and under extreme pressure from the so called "religious authorities" back when the bible was written. Anyone who went against what the churches said was true was killed. So you didn't have a choice in what you believe, at that point anything the head of the church said had to be true regardless of how logical it might have been.

Personally i find it hilarious that anyone would even consider an angel trying to overthrow God. It makes no sense what so ever. IF he created all that exists, how could an angel try to challenge him.

I'd especially like to hear from anyone who claims to have talked to "angels"


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