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The bardo Thodol 3 [Post: #111008]

In the primary stages of tantric practice, in order to train oneself in the actualization of the three Buddha-bodies, as I have mentioned, the yogin first engages in the practices of the generation stage of meditation. The generation stage is like an imaginary rehearsal of the actual processes. Then, in the perfection stage of meditation, however, the experiences of entering the Buddha-body of Reality and actualising its emanational states, the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource and the Buddha-body of Emanation, are not imagined but real, and even involve certain physiological changes occurring in the yogin’s body. Here, the practice of Highest Yoga Tantra underlies the importance of interrupting or cutting off the gross energy which serves as a vehicle for conceptual elaborations.
Thereby, hypothetically speaking, if the individual succeeds in interrupting the flow of karmic energies, then, even if the propensities for fundamental ignorance remain, they will be rendered impotent.

Introductory commentary by HH the XIVth Dalai Lama, page xxiii ff.

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