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08/17/08 03:21 PM

Islamic Religion [Post: #108992]

Will muslim countries ever learn or begin to learn the path of spirituality ? It certainly scares me the extremes they will go to for their religion (some of them). If we are indeed ever contacted by higher levels of being, then them showing themselves to us, I ask myself.....what would the Islamic reaction be!? It is clear now that religion is amongst biggest brain washing of all time and it certainly surpresses cultures from mentally expanding their minds. As Mahatma Gandhi once said " the first thing you do when you have truth, is that it gives you a freedom of mind". On leslie Flint's website many of the recordings show that those who were once devoted christians etc, have seen the ways through the dogmas of such a lie and mind control. Of course when those in the higher vibration talk of god, they mean the conscious all dominating etheric force, not the orthodox view of a physical being. I personally feel that religion must go as it is far from bringing an ever lasting happy world at the moment. I don't wish to offend anyone here but it does seem that things are about to and must to which direction they go in is for the moment unseen.


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