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Followed by spirit? [Post: #126963]


I am not sure what's going on in my life right now. I'm a person who don't mind spirits, I'm very open and I belive in the most paranormal things. But stuff has started happening around me and I wouldn't say it has gotten worse just that I notice it more now.

So around 1 or 2 years ago I was home alone and it was dark outside, and I started cooking food, but I look at the window and since its dark outside it reflects from behind me, and I see this shadowperson, just kinda crouch walking in the room behind me. I quickly turn around since I jumped but nothing was there. I tried checking the street outside even but there was not anyone there. And I saw the whole body too, on my floor clearly inside so it wasn't from outside.

Now I have been getting sleeping paralysis, a whole lot. I'm not scared of them, and I can most often wake up from them pretty easily. But when looking at all my experiences together, the sleeping paralysis most often has the same tall figure standing somewhere around me. One of my worst was when "he" came into my room, just stood there and looked at me then walked slowly closer and all of a sudden my bed started shaking.

Now to this. I dont feel like its going to harm me, but it still feels "heavy" and it can sometimes scare me. Its not something that gives me good vibes but nothing that I feel is going to hurt me. I have heard words, I have had stuff moving, seen "shadows" and stuff like that. But never been touched. I have gotten sad from no reason and started crying while asking why am I crying, or really happy for no reason.

I had my friend over and she told me just a few days ago that when she left my house she felt like someone was following her out, sitting in the back of her car breathing in her neck and she told me that felt evil. But it stopped as soon as she got off our street. But to me it never really felt evil, just dark from time to time. Its hard to explain and whatever this is it is not here all the time, it like... Comes and goes however really.
No one in my house notices this, it's only me and we're 4 people.
I don't want it gone, its nothing that bothers me. I just want to know more.


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