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New Book: “Spiritual DNA – A Method for Spiritu [Post: #126929]

“Spiritual DNA – A Method for Spiritual Enlightenment”
by Abraham Aizenman.

The Message of this Book:

1. To establish a method for understanding and achieving spiritual force for the individual and their interactions with others.
2. The spiritual method proposed in this book works well and can be implemented at any time, as long as certain necessary conditions are met.
3. Outline a clear summary of the path to success for any spiritual project.
4. To show a scientific and mathematical approach that allows the relationships between the different components of the spiritual system to be defined.
5. To indicate how to reach spiritual achievement with a team of people and in society at large.
6. To offer a structured and phased process for the management of the proposed spiritual method within the perception of the spiritual system
7. To calculate and measure the influence that an individual, or group of people, exerts on others.
8. To discuss the spiritual composition of the individual. The work is based on the practice of Kabbalah, based on the Jewish book of Zohar. This work is not a religious book.
9. The text illustrates that the result of spiritual work can be measured and repeated, thus determining that the spiritual system is exact science

Is there something that, without having physical mass or magnetism, communicates between or united people? Is there a system which, though imperceptible to our five senses, exists and unites us all, no matter how far apart people are physically, not limited by time or space, which we could call a “spiritual system?”
Everything that happens has an explanation and is for the good.

You can get it in:
Amazon, Apple, Lulu, and Payhip.

Note: The Book is in Spanish as well: “El ADN espiritual - Método de iluminación espiritual”


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