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Out of Body Travel to Self & God Realization [Post: #126922]

Hello All,

I am a chela (or student) of VARDANKAR, the Ancient Science of Out of Body Tuza (Soul) Travel, or Soul Projection. Website:

I have been a chela for nearly 2 years and can attest that this is absolutely true and the fastest path to God. We learn to leave our bodies in all states, including the waking states.

VARDANKAR is like a school for those who which to return to God - it's the path for those who are done with the school of the lower worlds or lower life and ready to experience and know God. Genderless, full of love, light, sound, mercy, power, and freedom - not a God of religion but a high vibrational ocean of love and mercy we call HURAY.

We learn to leave our bodies to go above the physical, above the astral, above the causal plane and all of these lower worlds, including the mental and etheric, and out of all Matter, Energy, Space, and Time into the true Pure Positive God Worlds where we become Self Realized and God Realized.

We learn from Masters out of the body to unfold our consciousness and reach heightened states, past cosmic consciousness, past the christ consciousness, past astral or emotional realizations, or oneness, and into the highest states of God realization and the highest realizations that can be experienced in the here and NOW in the human body.

If you are interested in reaching God and the highest states of consciousness in this life, this is the path for the few and the brave who desire freedom, and this may include you.



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