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My Encounters with Aliens [Post: #126049]

My story begins one night while laying awake in bed. I was accustomed at this time in my life to seeing and hearing spirits. A knowing spirit with powers recreated from memory the sound of a spacecraft and teleported an alien in spirit to my bedside. The alien spirit spoke in a highly technological sounding language. Upon recognizing that I could not understand him, he said the word "human" and then vanished. It is my belief that a knowing angelic being did this to inform me that I would be or have been paid a visit by this alien in body arriving in a spacecraft. I believe this was a prophetic vision of aliens being in my life and collecting my DNA for cloning.

A few years later my wife and I had seen my doppelganger (spirit-double). The lowly dead of the spirit world called it a clone. Then it was revealed to me by a much higher being that I had truly been cloned. As I laid awake in bed, a progression of spirits in the cloning process had laid upon me. About five in total with the first having the most slim covering its’ bodily form and its’ mouth filled with a thick mucus-like substance. They appeared to have been in a vat of a thick gel-like substance.

This next encounter was a physical one. I was running a fever one night and sleeping. I hadn't had a fever in years and it was no coincidence that I was running one this night. My wife and I had the fan blowing up our noses and could easily smell things in the room. My fever began to suddenly rise and I began squirming in bed violently. I was awakening when I smelt their scent. They smelt as though they come from the water. Although I did not see them, there was an obvious alien presence in the room. They quickly vanished from the bedroom and their scent went away. My wife later said that she felt something pulling on her legs and smelling sulfur. This scenario brings to mind the Legend of the Doppelganger. Legend has it that if a person sees their own doppelganger (spirit-double), it means imminent death. I believe that the aliens were there to harm me that night and my protector Father God or Jesus had intervened by making my fever go up, chasing them away and saving my life.

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