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Question about an experience [Post: #127145]

This kind of thing happens to me a lot; but, I've been thinking about whether or not there is information here I should be paying attention to. In general, it's that sometimes I get a hit on something, and then it happens, with regard to a connection to someone I don't feel particularly connected to.

The most recent was today - Oh, and, due to the brief nature of this post, I won't describe how I've come to draw certain kinds of conclusions, like that this or that is connected. It's a sense I've developed over time.

So, I had a brief sensation, first thing in the morning, that one of my front teeth was very loose, like about to fall out! I was worried! It was fine, though. A few minutes later, on my dog walk, I ran into a neighbor who said that, when he had bitten into his morning toast, he had found that one of his teeth was terribly loose, all of a sudden, and was going to the dentist.

I hardly know this guy, unless you consider we might have crossed paths in past lives, or something.

My question for you is: Have you had similar experiences, or do you have the kind of spiritual vision that shows you what these kinds of things mean? They happen too often for me to totally disregard them; and, as I said before, lately, I've been wondering if I am supposed to be getting something more out of them than I do.


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