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How can I stay in body? [Post: #127069]

Hello to everyone. I am Alex, 20 years old. Turning back to the time when I was a child, I can say that my parents were not be made one for each other, in fact their zodiacal signs tells a big difference. They always talked from opposite points of view. My mother is a sensible soul and my father is more rational and I think that he needs more intelectual stimulation for being present.
During those years, being a child I grew up in one family when screams and ilogical reasons for them were at their home. WIthout knowing how to protect myself each time, even in many times I went to different rooms and was preoccupied with something else, I think that when I did not do that I choosed to project my astral body out of my physical one, for not being present anymore at those screamings because of traumas that I felt when I was more present.
The problem is that I grew up in this way, and thanking to Lord which started to open my eyes in this year because till now I was an completely absent person during my teenager years, I started to read more about those topics and I became aware that I am a very spiritual person, my LIfe Path number being 7.
My question is what techniques can I adopt daily for learning again to ground myself in the physical body and not being so much daydreamer ? I left masturbation, I intention to resume Facebook opening at just one open in the evening for educational purpose or talking with one friend. I mention in the ending that I study computer programming and is very hard for me to turn on the logical thinking when I am out of the body or partially in it.
Thank you in advance, all and God bless you.



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