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Needing guidance and help please [Post: #127059]

Hello all,
I am very new to this and this is my first forum. All my li fe I have had feelings/dreams linked to I think spirits. I also have experienced being held and pulled by a spirit. Yesterday I had a reading for the first time with a very well known and accredited psychic. As I entered her home and sat she asked me why I was here and explained that there was a lot of spirits and noise she was hearing, she said they were there to come through me and that I have the gift but I won't open up fully. My mum past when I was 12 and she said my mum knows this and now is the right time to open up to what I see and hear or I will lose it. I was a very sad scared child and used to get frightened of what I would see , I remember things. The psychic said I was not strong enough then but now is the right time and to embrace it. I have suffered from mild depression and I thought the voices could mean I was ill but she assured me yesterday it was spirits. I am so confused as I don't know how to open my mind, I don't know how to receive them or start or stop them, All I know is that I finally want to acknowledge what is happening to me and embrace it if it is real. My grandmother, father are true Romany Gypsies , granny would use tea leaves and turn the tea cup and people would sit in grans posh trailer. Dad would look into cups but would not let me and told me after mummy death to leave things like that alone. So you see there could be some truth to me having something as she said but I really need advice and guidance and truth to decide if I embrace this or just carry on as I do . Please post and help me , I don't know what to do or how to do it. Thank you for reading my post 😕

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