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Awakening?? [Post: #127017]

am searching for help, experiences. There is a lot to tell, as with everyone's unique spiritual journey. I will relay some key points.. A couple years back, I was sitting on my couch one day in the quiet. I heard someone or multiples, i feel as if it were more than one saying "don't worry everything will be fine - we will see you soon." i shrugged it off. Then one day, without having done ANY research or looking into the spiritual ( i have been since I was small but always blocked off) and one day this information flooded my head.. You are LIGHT. This is not the end. YOU ARE CONNECTED, you CAN ESCAPE.You are not stuck here, you are more amazing than you could possibly imagine. I started balling instantly, this feeling came over me and for the first time I felt as if I was on the right path. One instance, I saw sparkling orbs of light by my daughter as she was napping in bed. Beautiful little sparks of electricity it looked like for a good 15 min. Everywhere I walked outside I felt connected. Every step I took the earth was loving me and I sent it back. I meditated everyday. Fast forward, another child a new place and new problems. I stopped daily meditation then completely. I never get much silence. I have been trying to focus on the spiritual journey at hand as I see the world crumble and people accepting hate and violence. I have been feeling quite dizzy for days at a time... I randomly see little sparkley flecks of light. Violet, royal blue and white. I can see energy moving. I am beginning to see what I can only explain as maybe little dots of light moving and their movements leave bright tails of light from their movement. I have seen my daughters aura a couple times. I see that O am emotionally evolving in some areas. My husband is awake to the world and the deception it holds. However, when it comes to this I feel he doesn't understand. He is on his path and while he believes what I say it seems he is not interested or just doesn't grasp it because he hasn't yet had any of these things happen. I am trying to become whole. I know this is a lengthy process. I have a book on astral projection. The other night I got the chance to read almost a whole chapter. The next morning, I woke up to tend to my daughter - my husband came and got her I went back to sleep with the baby.. I vividly remember looking up ( I think it was up who knows) I was in AWE of what seemed to be earth passing by - it was BEAUTIFUL. The colors, the feeling like nothing I have ever experienced. It didn't look like a ball, i cannot explain. Almost like there was beautiful blue sky all around and I was seeing like a floating - I don't want to say flat but I don't know how to describe it was floating past, then I was back in my body aware but not able to move or talk yet. Saw my son sleeping in front of me then finally snapped back in. I have had this happen once before when I asked my higher self about who I had been. I had some sort of flashback dream.. I even remember being in my bedroom out of body floating around. I feel the need to teach my children the truth as they get older. I am searching. I also seem to see energy waves all around and a lot almost in hd?
To talk to you to get insight, some experience , anything. I know this is something that doesn't quite make sense until it does- in the meantime the conversation would be great. Hoping to hear from you soon. I hope your journey is amazing.


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