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Hmm [Post: #126976]

This may sound oddly childish.
This has happened too many times for me to say it's a coincidence.
There's this song and every.single.time it comes on I know in the next 24 hours I will receive some type of message from one of my exes. Phone call, text, Instagram message.. apparently even a letter in the mail. I call it my cursed song. I've told my friends about it and we all just laugh it off. I 100% believe (from experience) that after that song plays I have 24 hours max until I hear from someone. It's not an incredibly popular song that you hear on the radio every hour. It's a rock song that I barely hear played UNLESS I'm going to get a message. Well anyway, yesterday I heard the song on the radio and needlesstosay I was contacted by an ex. Through the mail. I'm so curious to hear some theories about this. So anyone?

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