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touched on my NECK by unknown entity [Post: #127288]

Hey guys!
So this happened to me quite a while back. But I also rarely get sleep paralysis and this was the first time I had ever hallucinated anything during sleep paralysis. But because of that, I also was a little scared to open my eyes so I don't know who it actually was. Long story short, I felt somebody sitting on my bed reach out and place their hand on my neck very gently. They had quite a dainty hand like a woman and it tingled where it touched me. It didn't feel like a physical hand. So despite not opening my eyes, I wasn't very scared at all and I laid there and waited for them to do something else but they didn't. I'm not sure if I wasn't that scared because it was the sunny afternoon or because they actually were not sinister.
I was not into spirituality nor was I in an especially good or bad place in my life. I'm not sure if this was just plain old sleep paralysis or something more meaningful.
Does anyone have any ideas what it could mean?

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