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Healing & Protection Products
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Some of these items look really good, I really like the Sanskrit Ring - even if it doesn't have any special 'powers' it would still make a good gift for yourself or someone else.

Has anyone seen this site before? or purchased any of these items?

Also, does anyone have any other sites where you can buy stuff online that might help with healing and protection?


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Re: Healing & Protection Products
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Most of these things are made of materials wich allready possess a "cosmic charge."

If you think about the universe giving this freely and all the people hogging the materials so they can profit from it, doesn`t it automatically load the items in question with at least a part of negativity?

And ofcourse then also does it improve life when it drains the cashflow?

And hen since people are able to channel energy themselves isn`t it then also true that people can take any object that can carry energy and use it as a healing product?

And by doing so and giving them freely wuldn`t they be loaded with way more positivity?

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