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Any ideas to why attraction doesn´t work?
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Hello you lovely people

Two years ago I met a man (After almost 10 years as single…). It took me many months to understand that he was interested in me. My self-esteem was not the best after all those single years and he has a very pure heart, is wise, very spiritual, good-looking, warm, cute – I could go on…

I have always had problems accepting and liking my body, but it was like “If such a hot man can be attracted to me, I must be hot too”
It actually worked and I do not have any body issues any more (what I know of). I have worked a lot with sexual abuse that happened to me when I was about 11 years old) .
He is 11 years younger which also was a “problem” for me earlier, but now I have realized that he doesn´t care about that at all. Neither do I.

My problem is that it is like there is a “veil”. I can feel my desire for him, but it is like it is behind something. I have no problems having an orgasm with myself, but with him, I have to “work” (not very tantric… ) for it (touching myself). I have also tried to just let things be what they are and then I do not feel almost anything at all!
He does all the right things and we spend hours just cuddling every time we meet. Just lying on the sofa, both having the same experience: that we heal each other. I feel very safe with him and I am still very much in love with him.

I have tried to get help – from a psychologist and shaman (and went back to an earlier life. Good experience, but it did not have anything to do with my issue and did not solve the problem and also from a healer.

Any ideas?

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