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Questions :)
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Hey there everyone,
I was wondering if it would be ok if I ask some questions here. I find it quite hard to talk about sexuality openly, but there are some things I have experienced and they are very related to it. I feel like I should not ignore this doorway and try to learn more.
But its so hard to find a place where you can talk about it with others that are maybe familiair with the topic.

Just to give an idea:
I am a woman from Europe, had a difficult childhood wit alcoholic parents and was raped by the first man I ever opened up to. I was 23, I had not rushed into lovemaking and relationships. He was the first.
He was about 8 years older.

Anyway. Throughout my life (its 10 years later now) I have major issues that I struggle with. Mostly social anxiety, fear for specific things etc. I am very blocked.
I have tried many things to let go of all these energies that seem so stuck in me. Therapy, meditation, yoga, mindfullness etc. Everything helps a bit, but nothing 'truly' reaches deep inside.
I recently had an experience that led me to thinking/considering the practise of tantra.
It seems that this is a very powerful way to release things. But its of course super important to follow this path in a responsible and save way.
Meeting a therapist that is into these things, is something that I do not have the courage for. What if this person takes advantage of me, or what if he/she is not doing the right things?
I feel quite vunerable.

So, I am working on my own now. But I experience things that I am not familiair with, and really feel that I need someone that I can ask questions.

Are there any people here that feel like they could help a bit?

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Gerrit SpiritBoard Supporter
07/23/17 01:08 AM

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Re: Questions :)
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Dear Lianna,

I know a few women who have suffered something similar. These are traumatic experiences that create a blockage which can stay with you throughout your whole life, if not even beyond.

One way to overcome the fear of being hurt again might very well be the tantric path, to find a reputable tantra school so you can experience closeness in a protected environment and thus overcome this fear.

However, it has been my experience by observing women who suffered something similar, that this blockage is rather difficult to resolve and needs an effort by the victim through energy work to resolve the root cause and the energy left behind, as well as the help of a practitioner to help you on that same level, i.e. to resolve the low energy left behind. I have seen Light Energy do incredible things, I can get you in contact with someone in southern Germany who is also a tantra professional, and of course me and my wife we could give you treatments here in Spain as well. I am afraid I do not know anyone in your country at this time.

One third option might be to investigate if this terrifying experience of yours is related to something prior to this lifetime, in that case a therapeutic regression may help as well. A couple of years ago I had the privilege to learn therapeutic regressions, which are capable to resolve the root cause right during the regression, but hopefully there is someone in the Netherlands who could qualify for this type of therapy.

Hopefully some of this information can be of help.

Love & Light

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Re: Questions :)
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Important to realize that Tantra is not necessarily a sexual practice. Tantric practices, of various kinds, including yoga and meditation, are designed to lead the practitioner to an understanding or establishment in the experience of the nature of reality.

Since attachment to illusion must be overcome in order for this to happen, and the sex act is often filled with various kinds of illusory attachments, in which case one can inadvertently strengthen them, leading only to further delusion, the sexual aspects are generally only undertaken (by enlightened teachers) with those they deem able to benefit from them.

In general, it is considered best to begin with safer kinds of practices. For instance, in California, there is a popular practice called "Sufi dancing", which I'm not sure is even related to real Sufism, but it might be. People dance slowly, facing each other, and look into each other's eyes, without looking away at all, and repeat some phrase like, "I love you unconditionally". In the course of this, all of the lies and protections we have set up quickly become apparent. Usually, people sob. Then, it's over, and we have a snack and get to know everyone. It's quite useful.

Maybe you could find something like that?

I also found rebirthing to be very deep and powerful, and it is (at least, where I did it, although I've read that there have been issues, from time to time) done very safely.

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