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Pain and indecision over family situation
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A used by mother and father from a young age. Found God spiritually in 2010. A situation of betrayal left me with trauma though instead of growing, and the losses were huge. I was 42 and almost free. Parents took advantage of situation and abused me worse than ever, it was almost daily, and mental abuse, but then they started helping people abuse me outside the family to cause m as much damage as possible physically, like taking my basic needs away like housing etc.
Everyone knew they didn’t have my back, and as a sincere spiritual woman, people didn’t want me okay.
I got out after 8 years of this, but I have serious chronic illness. It’s didficult to survive.
I want to speak up about this.
But strangely, I don’t want to hurt my parents.
Any suggestions?

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Re: Pain and indecision over family situation
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You've already come his far. Your Spirit will carry you into the future too. Do speak up. Before that, speak 'in'. In, to yourself. When the going gets tough, drop the heaviness from within. Speak when you're ready to listen to yourself. Peace. Peace.


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