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Don't Fit In
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I'm very sad. I'm living in an (emotionally) toxic environment, and I can't afford to go anywhere else. Just now, I ate a piece of cake for dinner ..- which I would never do on my own seriously, I care about my body and my life is hard. I really don't need that stuff- and initially, I did reject it but I was peer pressured into eating it because it was someone's birthday. I also made small talk (which drains what little energy I have & makes me gag) and now someone with whom I intentionally have boundaries thinks "we're getting somewhere". I hope she doesn't expect anything like this tomorrow. I feel my own energetic changes I'm about to undergo a shift. I believe it could be a positive one because I have been reaching out to conscious communities, telling them that I'm doing a work-trade and not getting along well, here. I also thoroughly explained what I mean by conscious to see if they can help me find a match. It's just hard at times getting along until I hear from them

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