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Money Problems and Fear of Homelessness
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Hi, thank you for having me here. I would really appreciate some help - prayers, light, insight? - about my situation which has been recurring for years.

I’m low on money again, late with the rent, afraid of being homeless - again. I thought the last time I was homeless would be the last. In fact I really don’t feel I should do that again, plus I have animals which I adore.
But lack of money and fear of/the experience of homelessness have been common in my life. At the same time I’m a very blessed person in terms of health and talents. I have a big creative project I’m seeking finance for. It feels like I’m often on the verge of a major breakthrough, including financially.
Lastly - I feel these issues come from my lousy childhood, which I have worked big time on healing, and the fact that my mother is dreadful and I cut off from her, and my father, a long time ago.
I also wonder if this poverty is ancestral. I come from poor Irish people.
One last thing - I’m constantly wanting to move to a better house. I resent the one I’m in because it’s a pile of work and it’s not mine. I resent that I’ve had to do Airbnb to pay bills and I don’t actually like having people stay here too much - although I’d be happy if it was used as a film or event location, which it has a few times.
Any help, please? Thank you and God bless!

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