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Drop the ego
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In going over some of the major "awakening" events in my (current) life, I can now see that each awakening came right after my ego left, dissolved, gave up, stepped back, disappeared or was not present and this left 'me' as a: real, happy, content, saved, secure, euphoric, blessed, capable, whole and complete ME or Self.
I rarely noticed, though, how subtly my troublesome little ego slipped back in and then I went on, for many years after this "awakening", living as a miserable, frightened and unhappy little ego and wondered what happened to that wonderful and angelic 'me' that was here just a while ago.
I could write of all the amazing awakenings or losses of my ego that occurred but it's enough to say that I can now see the whole pattern and it was simply that, each time my ego was lost, stopped, ran away or stepped back, I was left there as the Real Me and life suddenly became BEAUTIFUL - even in the midst of a very disturbing or negative drama. Some of these ego-less events were nice and pleasant but most of them came during very frightening and stressful times which caused me to believe that I could only access my higher self during extreme terror and I didn't want any more of that.
But now I can see that the key is to somehow drop, ignore or stop believing in this troubling ego and I will instantly be back into the Real me. I've unwittingly lived in and as a troubled ego my entire life (I'm 79) with brief periods of ego-less consciousness but somehow I fell right back into the ego and, sadly, stayed there FOR YEARS! It's all so clear to me now! Somehow I missed the "key" long ago during my first experience of ego-less-ness during a terrifying encounter with our abusive dad when a higher spirit entered me and my frightened ego ran away.
All of the ego-less events that followed had the same elements in them: I got scared, surrendered, something divine entered me as my ego left the scene! There is more to this and some were pretty complicated but that was and still is the basic pattern. The moment my ego leaves, lets go or steps into the background, I become the Real Me.
Once, while being a "smart-ass" towards someone, the guy said, "Disappear, bitch!", and now I get it that he was speaking to my foolish little ego - not me. If my ego had "disappeared", we might have had a friendlier encounter.

So how about you out there? Can or do any of you drop your ego and find that you are suddenly Real and much happier? How do you deal with you ego? I'd love to read about your own personal experiences in and as the ego-less life.

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Re: Drop the ego
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I find that the ego is only there when I am paying attention to it and allowing it to fill my awareness. If I allow by attention to focus elsewhere intently enough and long enough, the ego will vanish. It is like the moon that way, it is not there when we are not looking at it. Escape into a piece of music, a gripping story, or engross myself into a hobby and the ego will be pushed out of my awareness for a while and I get a break from all of the worries and troubles of being a “me”. I get to disappear for a while and become whatever I have focused my awareness on in that present moment. But of course, life has to be lived, and to live it up close and personal, I have to feel ounce again like an I. So I will inevitably focus my awareness back onto the ego and once again feel like “me”. It is sort of like my vehicle to directly experience this particular journey of life (old jalopy though it may be).
Of course eventually this “life” will come to an end, and then this particular ego will be retired to the bone yard for good. Maybe in my next incarnation I will get me a Tesla Roadster.

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Re: Drop the ego
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Interesting posts, Jimrich and Ketzer, thank you.

I was recently told (instructed, commanded, ordered, requested blah blah) by my guide that while I have several things going for me, the ego that I carry into every single act is going to literally screw things up. This happened about 6 months ago. And I respect my guide in a sincere way. Since then I've been trying to become aware of this filibustering bugger named ego and life has become more miserable. Yeah right!

Where is this ego, what is ego? Is it the questioning thing, is it the thing which keeps chattering something or the other? How to identify that this is ego and this is the non-ego? Are the emotions also ego-based or ego-driven ? Is at least the thinking mind free of ego? How do I even identify this ego???!! This freak show has been going on since my guide's words to me.

First I'll have to identify this fella and then lose him. How on earth am I gonna do that?

Ego-less-ness, whew. Ego-vanish, booohoooo. For now, it is definitely greek and Azerbaijan to me.

The struggle continues.....


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