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Should I?
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Ok if you need to know more about me, please do visit my introduction, would be very happy.

Hello again guys, very nice to be talking to you again, ok so recently I have been really contemplating leaving my 'home' and traveling the world, I would start with my own nation, the uk, and then when I'm done synchronizing here, I would then expand my reach to the rest of this beautiful earth, trying to heal and help it, I want to explore lost and forgotten places, give them the recognition they need, I want to meditate for hours on end no interruptions, so now I'm asking you guys, should I do it and become a traveling spiritual person, helpng to save and help the world from our own destruction, or stay home and not help at all.

so guys this is the end of this chapter of this wonderful life I'm living lease help me and tell me your stories. Until next time we speak.



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07/05/15 00:04 AM

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Re: Should I?
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Follow your heart, if it's what you feel called to do.

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04/19/16 10:33 PM

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Re: Should I?
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Through the existing Universe you and I live in, there's a Higher Meaning. Man kind is stuck in a fog country to country and nation to nation. Since you have elevated a Higher conscience you have a Meaning that you can use and must use it. I am a Mytic who is Illuminated 100percent of the Time, and I am at a level of Understanding man kind does not know of yet (Everybody's free to ask questions of any type to Me).

Michael Levine

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04/20/16 09:24 AM

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Re: Should I?
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I'm going to tell you what I tell clients when they ask if the current boyfriend or girlfriend is Mr. or Ms. Right: If you have to ask, the answer is no.

This is not a decision to be left to others. Do it or not, but make the decision yourself. Moreover, the two options you state are false and make me think there is more to your post than meets the eye. Seriously, going out and saving the world or doing nothing are hardly the only two options you have! And that goes for everyone. I can't find a way to sugarcoat this, so my opinion is to get off the drama train and be real.

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04/22/16 04:38 AM

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Re: Should I?
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The question is your answer.

"Life knows its needs"

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04/22/16 06:29 PM

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Re: Should I?
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I have been dreaming of doing this since I have been going thru this whole seedling in the age of war thing . I think I can save the world , but in all actuality , I have to save and travel within all depths of myself first . I cannot travel until I have mastered all of myself first .

I feel that when you travel it will be dangerous and with out mastering discipline in your mind , traveling world wide to these forgotten regions will be extremely uncomfortable .

Master self first .

This is my life

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05/08/16 07:44 PM

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Re: Should I?
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@ the OP - This is your life, LOL Noone else can make that decision for you, though I don't think you need to travel to help. You can help from home. But if you WANT to travel, then so whatever you want. I would You're only going to get one life as your current version of you. Might as well push the boat out!

@ MindBodyandSoul4. I'm curious. More details, please? About your level of understanding, I mean. What do you perceive, then? When you...say...look at the world today? (Just a question as a starting point.)

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09/04/16 10:21 PM

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Re: Should I?
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should I do it

It just depends on who/what this 'I' is.
If it's an egoic 'I', go ahead but it might do more harem than good. If it's a true or real 'I' go or stay, you'll be doing good either way but I suspect that the true I already knows that nothing is wrong anywhere and that Life is unfolding just as it will.
My 1st guru was a wanderer or traveling man and touch many folks lives but he was enlightened and so he did no harm.
The song "Nature Boy" pretty much describes such an enlightened being. He did not try to change anyone nor "fix" the world. He just helped me see that I am not the body nor an ego.
I'd say do whatever you believe is RIGHT. Good luck and happy sailing.

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