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11/16/09 11:29 PM

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Re: Bible Fraud ???????
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I believe the worshiping part is completely wrong. Just like it's wrong to worship money and power. I believe god is just the universal energies and everything around us. not some weird father figure making sure we learn all of our lessons. If anything why isnt it enough to be thankful for the fact that we are alive.

And it goes on and on and on and it goes on and on it goes. The iron fist for blood and empire will make you move. So dance with me

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10/12/10 09:37 AM

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Re: Bible Fraud ???????
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Hi Angel 1

The bible apparently is proving to be a very important HISTORICAL record as far as some specialists have deduced. The power of the bible over our modern world can't be denied, whether that's for good or bad according to your point of view.

It was written originally as a political document of course; a cannon allowed by Rome for the Christians to worship safely by. So it was created to control and direct the then minority followers of Jesus.

A number of historical things happened to spread it accross Europe.

The bible is fascinating for many reasons, historical, emotional and cultural of course.

Some stories can be coroborated now; so I can't agree its a total fraudulant document. But it wasn't written by Jesus, nor was it written during his lifetime, but by people who may have known him long after he died. It's their point of view mixed with Roman ideals. To say it's never been changed is wrong. Even some translations got the meaning wrong as Hebrew is so difficult to interpret.

Soooo - It is an important document to my mind - without it Jesus probably wouldn't have been remembered for one thing.

Would the world have been a better place had it never existed. I don't know - I only know there would have been some other religion in its place, that is a certain fact.


Ainle Ben - means Angel Woman in Manx

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10/15/10 01:28 PM

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Re: Bible Fraud ???????
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Perhaps "God" will set things straight for us all soon.

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10/15/10 02:25 PM

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Re: Bible Fraud ???????
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God sets us straight every day of our lives my friend...Unfortunatly it seems everyone is waiting for this great day of reckoning.

I don't believe that day will ever come, the world is perfection, it always has been. Humans as a whole just need to learn to love one another as we love ourselves...only then will we prosper as a race

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12/12/10 11:20 AM

Re: Bible Fraud ???????
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If we wish to prosper as a race we should remove nr one reason for death: religion.

If you like go to youtube and go watch some george carlin.

Truth be told you can make a human believe anything as long as it tickles it`s interrest.

Same as how you can believe in the words of a fictional charackter who`se ideals are not about killing the other guy because he believes in a different god or in no god at all.

We have remained with religion for thousands of years and we still don`t see the bigger picture.

Just think about this, according religion the stuff about energy and magic and all sorts of paranormal activities are considered fake by religion and if not fake then it is cast off as the devil`s work.

So i wonder how can it be that believers in god partake in these paranormal activities and magics and say that god exists and at the same time believe that they are either emissaries or underlings or higher beings under the order of god, while there is no recollection of god being a source or a partaker in these activities and sub beliefs that have risen between the believers.

So then it is weird that it`s all light worker and god embraced follower, while when you beleve for instance to beleve firmly in god, while claiming to be a hybrid elf and part vampire.

Haven`t seen those here yet but there are similair other stories found here.

But at the same time because it is empowerd by the peple themselves it gains it`s momentum either growing into the result desired or that you come with a person who is supposed to be a true god follower while ignoring all speeches texts and scriptures against the practicion of magics and spiritual, paranormal activities.
So where in that picture does god come out as an absolute existance wich is supposed to be the source of all?

Alsong with that that you raise some questions about the curent beliefs of such a person.

So the main question, how is it possible for forums about energy and spiritualism to have participants who believe soley in god, and that at the same time if they where to be right, why there are just too many contradictions with their individual stories and their statements?

Not to be bashfull or to aggrevate people, but it is just something wich stands out to me.

watching the world fall

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