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Who am I?
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Who am I and for what purpose do I exist? How did we appear here and where are we going? Is it possible that we have already been in this world before? Can we know ourselves and the universe? Why does man suffer and is it possible to avoid suffering? How can one find peace, satisfaction, and luck? How can we attain tranquility, fulfillment, and happiness?
According to Kabbalah, the spiritual world exists but is not perceived by our organs of sense; our Universe is a tiny part of this world located in the center and our planet, the Earth, is its inner center. This world of information, thoughts and feelings, affecting us through material laws of (perceptible) nature and chance, places us in certain situations that determine the way we act. We have no influence in matters like the time and place of our birth, or who we are going to be, whom we are going to meet in our life, and what consequences our actions are going to have.
According to Kabbalah, there are four kinds of knowledge available to man, and he must comprehend them:
l. The Creation: Study of the creation and the development of the worlds: how the Creator has created it, how the spiritual and the material worlds interact, what is the purpose of the human's creation.
2. The Functioning: Study of human nature, of his connection with the spiritual world, known as Practical Kabbalah.
3. The Course of the Souls: The study of the nature of each soul and its course. How man acts in this life and in the following lives. What is the purpose for the descent of a soul into a body and why does a particular body get a particular soul? The history of humanity as a result of the certain order and the transference of the souls are discussed as well.
4. The Rule: Study of our world - inanimate objects, plants and animals, their nature and role; how are they ruled from the spiritual world. The supreme rule and our perception of the Nature, of the Time, of the Space. Study of the supreme powers moving the material bodies to the certain aim (point). Is it possible to divine the main mystery of the human life without asking about its source? Each man tries to think about it.
A quest for the purpose and sense of an individual life, as well as of the life of humanity at large is the central question of man's spiritual life. Since mid-20th century, we have been witnessing a rebirth of mankind's religious orientation. Technological progress and the world cataclysms that have given rise to all kinds of philosophical theories have given man no spiritual satisfaction. As Kabbalah explains it, of all existing pleasures our world received just one tiny spark. Its presence in material objects gives us pleasure. In other words, all agreeable sensations that man experiences in different situations and that are caused by different things are, in fact, due just to the presence of this spark. Furthermore, as time passes, man has to keep seeking out new objects of pleasure in the hope of experiencing greater and greater pleasures, without realizing that all those objects are but outer shells and that the essence of Ner dakik remains the same.
There are two ways of bringing man to the realization of the need for elevating spirit over matter and absolute satisfaction: (1) The way of Kabbalah (2) The way of suffering.
The first way is the study of Kabbalah while through such study man gradually becomes free of his egoism. The second way is standard: suddenly feeling a kind of spiritual hunger and seeking for a source of satisfaction. We can only advise choosing the way of Kabbalah in time rather than waiting for the way of suffering.

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Re: Who am I?
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Thank you Mira for sharing this with us, and those are definitely good questions that most people ask. But the Kabbalah isn't for everybody. I went to the site you showed us, and it just didn't ring for me.
Further down in your post it says that there are two ways of bringing man to the realization of the need for elevating spirit over matter and absolute satisfaction: the first being the way of Kabbalah. That might be true for some but not all. To me this looks like any other religion where they are all saying "This is the way...follow me"
I avoid religion and that's one of the reasons I do. I believe I am on the right path for me at this time and eventually it will all come together for me as a whole. I just have to have patience.

Love & Light

"Be master OF mind rather than mastered BY mind - Zen Saying"

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