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Oh my---Goddess Venus' humor
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Goddess Venus says that presenting me as an "anti-Christ" is quite a joke. Ha ha. She wants to thank Gerritt very much for providing this website and his forebearance with her unconventional ways. This apparently will be my last post here, as I have pretty well covered "all the bases" Goddess Venus wanted covered. Goddess Venus has had me busy today e-mailing various websites, especially Christian websites, letting them know that Armageddon "has been cancelled", but to expect a serious economic catastrophe. She sometimes has me announce myself as a messenger of the anti-Christ in these e-mails. This is her idea of funny.

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Re: Oh my---Goddess Venus' humor
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It seems that your concept of anti-Christ differs from mine. While you seem to be referring to "anti-Christian", I would like to point out that we are not against Christianity, as we respect each path (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, Muslim, etc.) - even though some of the paths may take some detours which also serve their pupose of refinement. And, we are definitly not against Christ - which to me and many in the so-called "New Age Movement" means divine consciousness.

Love & Light

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