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Spiritual Leaders... Nope Just Me..
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You know, I truly belive that all of the religions were a distraction for our self... think about it... if you are busy focused on someone out there having the answer for you... you are not looking within self. for the answer... I do prayers.. but not to a God of mans religiion like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, etc.

I use prayer to surrender to my REAL SELF... only from my ego point of view. that is...

I talk to god within me a lot.. you might say I talk to the PRESENCE of the energy within.. not a particular person that I know.

As I have been re-awakening.. I realize that all of the religions seem to just add more confusion to something that does not even have words to express or explain.. other than the complete realization that you are connected to all things that are present within your personal field of activity.

Now, there are times when I am in exalted aspects of self... that reading this post seems crazy to write.... so I will be first to tell you that the integration into whole seems to be more the journey... I do have many parts integrated and I have recently started channeling and in thoses sessions I recognize more and more getting integrated.

I have this vision of ALL attaining immortality. why... to simply buy the time to complete all illusions of self to remember the Real Self...and then go beyond those parts.

I want to bring back our Alatian Gifts of our Self... like Teleportation.... and pure creations by the PRESENCE of Self - with pure vision...

I have so many experiences with the many voides and yet I realize I continue to be drawn back here to this time zone.. so perhaps I return because I have this vision and dream to complete.

For me, that I have a clear view of it... and I realize we are 60,000,0000 years back in time.. I already know I have attained my vision.

I have been teleported several times... and my teacher told me that will be one of my memory gifts for others who study with me.

I have a very small group who study with me... I call the group "Gifts of the Spirit"... although I do not really believe them to be gifts becuase they are the presence of an isness that is wihin all beings...

This past week we practiced calling the wind... that is an easy one...

I channel another part "of Self" that is a collective
AKMA-KA... it is a collective part of myself that I am a part of that is focused within a different part of self.

So, when I read about religions and spiritual leaders.. I do have respect for them.. but I also have no desire to get caugh-up in their process on integreation...

There is much to say about other being stories... and it is a non-debatable place... only to the degree that we chose not to get caught-up within their stories.

Imagina this.. a whole new Illusion where you come and go at will ..... without the use of autos, trains, planes.... imagine that we all reclaim our true power and vision of teleportation.... and instant manifestation... perhaps that would immediately stop all war and pain and suffering..

There would ben oneed for war or pain and suffering when you can remember how to change anything within your Field of Acitivity.. at will.. then you are your master of your own personal illusions.


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Re: Spiritual Leaders... Nope Just Me..
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what you tell us here is really thought provoking....

and my teacher told me that will be one of my memory gifts for others who study with me.
Are you able to share who your teacher is?

Love and Light

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06/13/04 06:28 PM

Re: Spiritual Leaders... Nope Just Me..
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I channel Akma-Ka a collective that I am a part of in another time.... but if you truly think what a collective is...

think about your family and best friends... they are truly reflections of self... so collectives are simply more parts of self that have unified and know they work as a group collective.

These are parts of self that set into motion other universes... perhaps planets etc... they are collective emotions that have the ability to co-create from the point of view of Over Lord... rather than a human creating it field of activity.

They can set into motion a New Sun... and planets and create the people who walk or the many life forms that express within.

You must remember that all things contain the SPARK of the one... so in that regard.. just as a mom and dad give birth to a child... agroup collective are the mon's and dad's of universal structures....

and yes... you still can be within the voids of all things and simetaneously be an over lord... or human person and recall it.

Pick any name you want... teacher are actually all names of the most expanded states of remembered consciousness.

We truly are on Re-Membering the Truth of Self.

When I channel, I use the name AkMa-Ka this was the name I was given and I am confortable with it.


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Re: Spiritual Leaders... Nope Just Me..
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In reply to:

This past week we practiced calling the wind... that is an easy one...

In the bible (In Acts, the New Testament), it reads "Where there is wind, the Holy Spirit is present." Its easy to call the wind because the Holy Spirit (that voice you hear within) is always within you, seeking for your closeness. Just some bible to validate what you already know to be true.

Love, Carolyn

The Soul, like the body, lives by what it feeds on.

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06/14/04 05:49 PM

Re: Spiritual Leaders... Nope Just Me..
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Thank you Carolyn.....

For Me, there is a big difference in going out side and calling the Wind that is a collective consciousness of other beings.... the Wind is a vehicle for others..... like we have a human body for a vehicle...

Energy is also a Vehilce for other beings....

The wind that you are talking about in that scripture is the cool breeze of the holy spirit that can be felt in the palms of the hands... or out the crown chakra.


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02/04/05 05:56 AM

Re: Spiritual Leaders... Nope Just Me..
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".... not a particular person that I know."

Akma. Can you please ELABORATE on this?
Please view this topic.

Love and Respect,

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