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04/07/02 04:36 AM

Bhagavan Das
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Hey everyone

Now this is awesome!.... A few months I read a book called "Be Here Now" by Ram Das. Anyway, In the book Ram Das goes to India to find a Guru that can tell him what the spiritual purpose of LSD is. Ram Das is sitting in a coffee shop in India when this very tall American guy with long blonde dreads walks in. The tall man's name is Bhagavan Das. In the book Ram Das portrayes this character as some kind of otherworldly mystical enlightened being, and I was very impressed and curious about this Bhagavan Das guy.

I went on the internet to see what information I could find on Bhagavan Das, and I discovered he had written a book in ' 97 called "It's Here Now" but the book was out of print. Intrigued, I looked for weeks, calling over 20 bookstores and searching endlessly on the net. Finally, In this little Hindu hole-in-the wall store, I found a single, used, tatered copy for sale.

I read the entire 300+ page autobiography twice in the first week. It is the most entertaining and interesting book I have ever read. Thats great, but here is the amazing part:

The very weekend I finish the book for the second time, my mom and dad take me to the Philladelphia Museum of Fine Arts. I am walking around in the hindu temple replica room and lo-and-behold In walks Bhagavan Das--It is unmistakably him, without a doubt. I am nervous though, so I dont approach him. He walks out and I think " what the hell am I doing! Go talk to him!"

I catch up with him and Ask him if he is Bhagavan Das. He is very friendly, smiles, Yes He is about 55 now, loking healthy as any 30 year old. He is face is 'glowing' with health and vigor and these dreads are piled on his head 2 feet high.
I shake his hand, And look him straight in the eyes, in total AWE. There is so much energy coming off of him, meaning he has a very powerrful presence. I mean, I believed in people having auras before, but now I know through direct experience. This guy is electric. He had quite a powerful presence, and I had to adjust to it before I could form any words to speak.

I told him about me and the quest for his book, and he laughed and beamed. We chit-chatted for a minute of two. When we finished, I turned and walked out with my dad who was watching the whole thing. My dads eyes were teary, and I asked him why. He said he doesnt know, he was just overcome with emotion for no apparent reason!

Bottom line, he says he is coming to Phillidelphia at the end of April to chant and teach, and he would like me to come. I am overwhelmed and excited. I think this is defintely more than coincidence. I think It is a gift from god- god arranged that meeting for me. I guess that is what is called 'synchronicity'

God Bless,

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04/12/02 00:00 AM

Re: Bhagavan Das
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Greetings, Deandra. With all of my "gadding about" in the past week or so, I don't recall having had the opportunity to welcome you to SpiritBoard.

Yes, synchronicity is an amazing thing. One of the possible explanations in this instance is that your Higher or Astral Self was "astralling ahead in time" to the meeting with Bhagavan Das, and so you were quietly obsessed with getting more information about him.

I must confess that when I first read Be Here Now back, oh, a few (almost 30) years ago, I, too, was impressed by the personality of Bhagavan Das. I hadn't heard too much about him in quite some time. Sounds as though he has some time ago attained that spiritual state (realization that we are all enlightened beings) to which many of us aspire. You are to be congratulated for respecting a message received, and for following through on promptings from your guidance and your Higher Self. I hope that your association with Bhagavan Das and those who assist him is a long and prosperous one for you.

Blessings in the Light,
Andrew MacConnachie

May there be peace throughout the world.

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05/10/02 11:16 PM

Re: Bhagavan Das
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Dear Deandra,
That is so incredible. How lucky...sounds similar to my experiences with Paramahansa Yogananda
At least yours is still alive, PY died a year before I was born!
Love Nel

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