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It's Mayan Time
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Greetings my dear ones;

I was reading this site the other day, and again today, for it caught my eye so to speak. I have now decided to do a copy and paste it here in the forum. There is links for you to check out as well. Please do tell me what you think of this okay? I would love to see your inputs on this!

It's Mayan Time

By Karen Morrione
As the twentieth century nears its end, seekers from every race, culture and religious affiliation are searching for new ways to bring their spirituality into practice in their everyday lives.

"There are zillions of Boddhisattvas on the planet now, waiting for the day of liberation," says Dr. Rob Shweder, the Director of Operation Victory, a worldwide movement whose stated goal is "to advance the oneness of humanity."

Toward this end, Operation Victory produces the Dreamspell Calendar of Planetary Service, based on the work of José Argüelles, planetary whole systems anthropologist and author of numerous books, including The Mayan Factor and Surfers of the Zuvuya.

By basing this calendar on the 13 moon cycles of 28 days each, based on a 20 tribe system of calculating time used by the Mayans, rather than the traditional Gregorian calendar (the type of calendar we usually use), Argüelles and Operation Victory are providing a tool which "will bring about the synchronization of spiritual people. The calendar makes practitioners aware of the synchronicity in their lives, and they come to realize that synchronicity is the norm."

Synchronicity played a large role in the direction of Operation Victory. "Operation Victory was conceived on July 26, 1993," according to Dr. Rob. "The original inspiration [for the project] came from a spiritual teacher in the tradition of Lahiri Mahayfa, a teacher in the 1850s. He met Babaji, a multidimensional being who can materialize right in your living room, and was initiated by him in the tradition of Kriya, a technique of yoga."

"On the exact same day, (July 26) in another part of the world, José Argüelles was receiving the Prophecy of Pacal Votan, which is about the 13 moon 28 day calendar and how using it can return Earth to its true frequency. The breathing technique numerology of Kriya is the same as the numerology in Telektonon."

Telektonon is Argüelles' Talking Stone of Prophecy, the thirteen moon calendar; prophecy game, and universal peace plan resulting from the Prophecy of Pacal Votan. Like the Dreamspell Calendar, it is distributed by Operation Victory.

"When you live by this calendar, synchronicity increases in your life. The endgame is telepathy," Dr. Rob explains. "We're not mainstream; instead, we recognize that there is a real call for another stream - to answer the question, `how can people bring a new system into being?' The old game of thinking you are represented by some political party or economic group isn't working. The Gregorian calendar is a false measure of time, forcing us to live in by an artificial system. Earth is supposed to be a planet where people cooperate and have compassion for one another."

The Dreamspell Calendar, which appears dauntingly complex at first, is actually a simple tool for divining a daily meditation which will enable the practitioner to "enter the flow and become a galactic citizen," writes Randy Bruner, the calendar designer.

The daily meditation follows a formula based on the tribes, tones and keywords of each galactic cyle. Clear explanations of the different cycles preface the calendar, while instructions for deciphering the daily meditation come at the end, after the 13 moons. Each moon has a name, like Magnetic Bat, or Overtone Peacock. Unlike the 13 month calendar structure, the moon names are not drawn from the traditional Mayan cosmology.

"Dreamspell is a new dispensation - rooted in the future, rather than the past," notes Dr. Rob, in explaining this break from Mayan tradition. "It is a galactic cosmology, rather than a strictly Mayan one."

The meditation follows a specific formula, resulting in a statement such as "I activate in order to enchant, bonding receptivity. I seal the output of timelessness with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of endlessness."

"Using the calendar, you are practicing a spiritual technique which helps you to contact the source energy. We have the potential to stabilize heaven on earth," Dr. Rob asserts. "The prophecies of every religion point to a very big quantum jump - spiritual people everywhere, wearing different ethnic and genetic disguises, recognizing that we are all one."

In addition to The Dreamspell Calendar, Operation Victory is distributing a new book, The Galactic Human Handbook, coauthored by Argüelles and Sheldon Nidle, author of You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. A ceremony on June 26, 1996 at Four Corners, the adjoining corners of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, is also planned.

"To bring this galactic transformation about, we are striving to get a critical mass number of spiritual seekers synchronized," Dr. Rob says. "The number of prophecy, in many world religions, is 144,000. We are hoping to gather 144,000 lightworkers in universal recognition of the oneness of humanity."

"We must move to express world unity. The new calendar movement is about sharing, gifting, potlatching, helping one another. Operation Victory is trying to balance the two systems to bring about synchronicity."

Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology: A Complete Guide to Mayan Astrology and Daykeeping is another tool designed to bring spirituality into expression in the seeker's everyday life.

Written, illustrated and self-published by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, the book is conceived as a "guide to make the Mayan cycles of time, Mayan astrology and daykeeping, simple and accessible to all who want to use this system."

Unlike The Dreamspell Calendar, Yaxk'in uses the original Mayan language in her tool. Her teacher, Hunbatz Men, a Mayan shaman in Merida, Mexico, explains that "If you change our manner of speaking, you also change our manner of thinking." For this reason, Yaxk'in believes using the traditional names of suns and numbers provides an important focus.

Yaxk'in introduces the reader to Mayan cosmology with a brief discussion of sacred geometry, pointing out the correspondences between the 13-20 system and Judeo- Christian numerology. In Part Two, Doors to Solar Destiny, she explains the Mayan cycles, focusing in detail on the suns, the moons, and the light pulses. Part Three, Mayan Astrology, provides directions for converting a Gregorian date to a Mayan one, and casting the Mayan horoscope. Part Four, Daykeeping, explains the keys to becoming a daykeeper such as keeping a Mayan calendar based journal. Part Five is a list of appendices providing additional references.

In parts Three and Four, Yaxk'in provides all the charts and forms necessary to work out the Mayan horoscope. These are beautifully executed, and the practitioner is encouraged to copy the forms, draw and write on the copies. Yaxk'in writes, "Pick the one that calls you and draw them in. I believe that memory activation comes from playing with the many forms of the glyphs."

Several different types of readings are possible, from a daily chart to a 52 year cycle chart. The full Mayan horoscope is incredibly detailed, and casting one takes time. However, the information gathered was remarkably accurate and balanced.

For the impatient among us, Yaxk'in provides a simpler means to determine your sacred sun and year. Using this simple method, I learned my sacred sun and year are 10 Ix 5 Muluc. Of people who share this birth sun, Yaxk'in writes, "The challenge for Ix is balancing and harmonizing complex and tangled human relationships. Speak your truth without overpowering your opponent. Don't whitewash your feelings, for truth will eventually come to light in a destructive way. Be honest and true to yourself. Merge your mental abilities with your heart to soften your intensity. Release your need for approval from others. Believe in yourself. You are the jaguar. You are already the magician. Open to the possibility of the true song of your heart."

Working with Yaxk'in's book was both interesting and inspiriational.

If the information provided in The Dreamspell Calendar and Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology is so complex you feel you need someone to hold your hand as you explore these new tools, you will find that Roger Montgomery is the perfect companion. In his book Twenty Count, he describes his experience in working with the Aztec- Mayan cosmology in autobiographical terms.

"The truth is that Twenty Count tends to both defy and transcend descriptions not based at least somewhat on personal experience," Montgomery writes in his Introduction. "You need to get into it to understand that the process and result are inseparable." This statement was extremely reassuring to a novice trying to understand the complexities of Mayan cosmology.

Montgomery spent fifteen years as a journalist, and his skill at depicting the reality of a specific place and time through the use of imagery is brought to bear upon Twenty Count. He draws in such diverse influences as Jungian archetypal theory, the poetry of Octavio Paz and the songs of Leonard Cohen to illustrate his ideas in a way both concrete and fluid, enticing the reader to feel secure, to let go, to enjoy the experience as much as the author.

Montgomery has lived the life of a seeker, recognizing in every life experience both the seeds of future and the fruits of the past.

From a series of teachers and spirit guides ranging from Red Thunder Cloud of the Catawba Nation, from Wolf and Coyote to Commanche Jack, "a skinny, tattoed Texan with long blonde braids and a handlebar moustache, an aging hippie biker from the 1960s," Montgomery learns what he needs to know.

Montgomery's skill in sharing his knowledge with the reader sets this book apart from other efforts to understand someone's spiritual awakening through the printed page.

Finding the right tone to convey the importance of the message without losing the joy of discovery is not an easy task, but Montgomery succeeds.

Other web addresses of interest

Addresses to contact the subjects of this article:

Dr. Rob Shweder, D.C. Director, Operation Victory

1450 4th St. Unit #6 Berkeley, CA 94710
Phone 510-559-8102 FAX 510-559-9493
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in Hauk'in

P.O. Box 1351 Mt. Shasta CA 96067
Phone 916-926-1351 FAX 916-926-1391
Roger Montgomery c/o Bear & Company

P.O. Box 2860 Santa Fe, NM 87504
Phone 1-800-WE-BEARS

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~~May the light shine upon you~~

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Re: It's Mayan Time
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thank you joanne,
i will visit and get to know the calendar
peace light and love Rael

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Re: It's Mayan Time
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Greetings Rael

Let me know your thoughts on this... for I have a strong spiritual pull on this...

~~May the light shine upon you~~

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Re: It's Mayan Time
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Hi Joanne,

Its funny cuz I am really curious about the mayan calendar today and then I found your post.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

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Re: It's Mayan Time
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Hi JF;

I completely forgot about this post, thank you for bringing back to my attention!

LOVE is the Key!

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