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01/22/02 03:55 AM

jesus. on the cross
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did u experience pain on the cross?

there were times i was not in possesion of the awareness of my being the christ, totally in possession of my identity at each and every moment i was in the physical embodiement. there were times when i did experience pain, as i identified myself with the body that was hanging on the cross.

if u were to ask for a simple defintion or explanation as to when do i recognise that i am the christ and when am i out of that recognition, one very simple way to describe it would be, if i feel pain, if i feel anything that does not reflect the joy which is the prescence of god, then i am not in recognition of myself. suffering of any nature, be it physical or mental, is not the domain of god. it is not the wish of god to test anyone to the depths of his capability to withstand suffering. it is only the wish of god for u to experience the essence of that which he is. and i will tell u that there is no pain, there is no suffering in the mind of god. there u will find joy and there u will find peace and there u will find only love. when u allow yourself to be in recognition of this, then that is what we have called the christ.

i call u brother, to help u understand that i am not above u. i hope that u realise that there was nothing special or significant in the choices that i made as they pertain to the choices that u make. i urge u not to focus on my process. do not allow yourself to become buried in the thoughts that come to your mind by seeing me nailed to a cross. for i will tell u that u have nailed yourself to many crosses, and while they appear to be different, they r not. while the anguish that u suffer appears to be less intense than the anguish u percieve that i suffered, it is not so. it is time now for u to give up the cross, both yours and mine.

allow the feelings of the embrace, the love that we share, to be that which u identify with. understand the love that i hold for u. understand also, that i could not hold this love for u if i did not feel it coming from u; if i did not know that love was the identification of your being.

jesus communing with tom carpenter. from the book dialogue on awakening

love jules
the heart is the seat of the soul.

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01/22/02 03:23 PM

Re: jesus. on the cross
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Jules!!!!! I LOVE this! thank you for sharing this with us.... man, I was in tears by the time I finished(not sure why, it just struck me that way)....

This Is Beautiful..... Thank you!

Much Love and Light,


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01/23/02 04:48 AM

Re: jesus. on the cross
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Oh Jules.. tears are streaming down my cheeks.. this is sooooo beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You are definitely a Flower of essence and harmony in my garden.

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01/24/02 05:31 PM

Re: jesus. on the cross
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AMEN to this......
amazingly put, and really felt.
Pain and suffering is a HUMAN reacation, we are not human, we are spiritual beings on a human mission.
I agree there is NO pain with the love of GOD?GODDESS.........
there is the programmed mind that believes we have pain.............

Thank YOU for sharing this with us.
it was powerful!
the human mind is a mysterious thing, it works in ways we have yet to learn all......ways......
with love within the light and with spirit

To love is to share our light with everyone
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