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Marilyn Manson
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Often when that name "Marilyn Manson" comes up, many people automattacly think negative things...Why is that?

I am going to explore my views...which my even change own about people in general...and how you really look at them...

I find the person named Brian Warner who uses his Charater "Marilyn Manson" on stage very interesting.

Brian is very intelligent and is very wize and has a lot to share with us...I would even go as far to say he is a light worker in discise...he's got a message for the world, an no, it is not worship satan or go and run a muck (as often people interpret that is what he is saying..but out of those people, how many have actually gotten down, read what he says, and take all that make-up and extravagant closths off and seen the man named Brian and his message to us to be aware and awake!)

The Character "Marilyn Manson" has never said any thing of worship Satan or any God for that matter, the only thing this Character has said it to look in your heart for the truth, for that is where the true God is..not from some book or from what some preacher tells is with in must believe in your self!

You must remeber, most if not all of the rumors you have heard form other people are just that, rumors...things loosly based on fact and changed around and twisted into a fiction.
Why doesn't Brian go and try to correct all of them?
Basicaly, he couldn't keep up. Also, why?
If people are just going to believe in silly rumors as fact, what will make them believe in the truth?
After all, as people we feed off rumors and gossip..don't we?

Why did Brian Name his special Character to share his message in such a unquie way "Marilyn Manson"?
He took what america saw as the best Marilyn Monroe..then took what america saw as the worse..Charles Manson.
Brian did this because this Character is supposed to represent all people. And People are a mix, of both the Good, and the Bad..this character is to remind us of this.

Often I here people say "Marilyn Manson" is being a satanic preist. Brian Made his character a Satanic Priest for a reason.
His mission was to show people that we judge people based on there religion and what WE think of it, not what the facts about the religion really are.
The relitively new religion of Satanism seemed as a good choice...because few really know what it is all about...they all got ideas about it that are based on rumor and not fact.
Rumor has it satanist worship the devil and deal with demons..they also sacrifce animals to the Devil and practice black magick and are very evil.
But have you ever looked up the "Church of Satan" so on the internet (look for the real one, since there are many fakes..Look for VaLey's teachings aswell, founder of the Church.)
As you do this you will understand it more and relize something..they don't do that..
I will highlight some things that they are about.
They do not Worship a Devil, in fact, they don't believe in the Devil. (Someone who worship the Devil is called a "Devil Worshiper"..there is a difference here.)
They worship no God that is taught by the many religions.
They look to there hearts for true worship.
The believe in them selfs. They believe they are incontoll of there destiny...not some God up in the skys who controlls are in control.
They have many wonderful beliefes..I may not agree with all of them...but I found it a worth while to read what they believe in...when you do, you step back with a better understanding and more respect for these people then you did before when you thought they were all evil monsters doing black magick and trying to harm everyone.
Here is a good link on the "First Church of Satan"
(rememer, there are several sects around, not all are the same..but here is the there common views.)

You don't have to agree with any of it..I don't even agree with all of it...but it is well worth you time to learn what others are you do this, you will gain new insite and respect for them.
We must always keep an open heart and be willing to learn from all...everyone has some truth. Once we sit there and say I'm not going to see what they say you close your heart and an new oppertunity to understand the world you live in and the people who live in it.

Now we got that out of they way, and now you can take an opertunity to learn something new...

Another thing people is interpert is the so called "Marilyn Manson" tearing up a bible on stage...People just see this, the out side, and not the symbolism behide it.
Brian wanted to make a story, about the different religous leaders in todays world how take advantage of so many people.
When the character "Marilyn Manson" come on to stage for this seen he is dressed up as a priest, he comes and stands at a pulpet. On the pulpit there is an SS (Nazi) symbol (lighting with a arrow on the end.) the purpose of this is to set the stage.
You got a priest, who is wearing a cross..but the real symbol in his heart is fasicst control of people.
He begains preaching as this preacher would, then goes into a song called "Anti-Christ Superstar."
What this song is about is this preacher thoughts that he has gotten all these people to follow him.
then he gets a bible and begains to sing and preach and then tear the pages from it.
Brian did this to show you this crooked preacher doesn't teach the word of God, but make is own up, and thus is Tearing out the pages of the bible (or any other holy book) of what he doesn't like and just says what he wants...since there are no more pages with Gods word to go by.
(Brian doesn't do this as an anti-Christain movement of just for fun..there is much symoblism in all his "shows." which we should watch for. His songs give us clues as to what is going on in this play were the character Marilyn Manson goes though different things with the audiance inorder that someone out there will hopefuly catchon and see what is the message is behind the lights and make-up. BTW, as the preacher, he is called "Rev. Manson" the characher part "Manson" being the Evil part of him.)

Also, many of you have noticed he dresses funny and looks funny.
He does this on purpose..he isn't always looking like is just part of his play, his act.
Brian desided he wanted to have a message about raceistsm and making fun of people who are different then you...he found the perfect way...he would become something new, a new colorful race with a white face and other colors in his face..then his character will dress funny too.
He wanted to shock people with something they may of never seen before...a new creature prehapes..
Brians point is shown very have people saying "Marilyn Manson Look wierd and dresses wierd, I don't like him!" He is shocking in apperance for that reason.
When he takes his clothes off and changes into a suit, and takes the make up off he becomes Brian again..a normal regular human being..
the point is, behind that funny face and clothes is a human being, just like every one of us.
Now to apply that to people...remember when people thought less of African Americans..just because they had a darker skin? They looked different..they were shocking..people would say they were dirty and should only be slaves.
Now we know, that undernigh there dark skin is blood, human blood, and it is just like everyone elses...because guess what...were all human..even if we look or dress different then you..were all the same...aren't we?

He has a great book out he wrote, called the
"The Long Hard Road Out of Hell" written by him is a really good book if you really want to know who this character is and what he is really about...I have read some of is good...i am planing on getting it from once I get some extra cash to get is a very good read.
I do highly recommend it, even if you don't agree with is very interesting and very higly rated...(i looked at about 50 or so ratings from the customers and all of them were 5 stars..the best you can if you want to read something a bit different..and your not afraid...this would be a nice one to your collection. (it goes though all of his life and you really begin to see where he is comming from and come away with a new understanding...)

Anyways, there is alot I can say...but I got to go to bed...

I hope maybe this post will open a little light, that maybe what we think we see, isn't what it really what we think we see...

Love light and Peace.

PS. Marilyn does use explisit stuff, so if you are not comfortable, don't get his book, but if you can handle it...and want to learn abit about this character "Marilyn Manson" and what his message is and the benifit it is to us...then go ahead..(recommend the book if your serious!)

~~some of the main things he teaches about are how we shouldn't be racist and look for the person inside, not the person out side.
Also, he has many different messages as well...

anyways good night..

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12/07/01 01:16 PM

Re: Marilyn Manson
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i quite like his music,
and bet he gardens and wears cardigans on the weekend.
People wonder how its possible to be spiritual and still like thrash metal, but yes, it can be done!
Eminem is the same,
everybody claims he's disgusting, but i like listening to his music because he sings about what 'nobody wants to talk about' or is too polite to say.

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12/08/01 09:54 AM

Re: Marilyn Manson
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Here is a collection of quots from Marilyn Mason, they help explain his purpose...which many haters of him and rock and roll don't look at...they just turn a blind eye...

"Society has always traditionally tried to find scapegoats for its problems. Well, here I am."
-Marilyn Manson in Huh? Magazine, October 1996.

"In the world that I envision, Marilyn Manson isn't necessary. But thats not the world we live in."
-Marilyn Manson - Huh Magazine October 1996

"A long time ago, there was a man as misunderstood as we are and they nailed him to a f*cking cross!"
- Marilyn Manson, April 97, LJVM Coliseum, Salem, NC.

"My dream of an apocalypse that was the Antichrist Superstar has unfolded. I could see that they only looked and acted like humans, but they had lost their souls, they were Mechanical Animals."
-Marilyn Manson - Message 015

"And the one ray of faith that I have, that I try to assert on this album, is that if we came to a time when our creations, machines, for lack of a better word, replaced us and made us obsolete. The thing that they would eventually discover is that you cannot duplicate the human soul, you cannot duplicate man's need to create. Something can create, but it will never have the desire and the need to express itself."
-Marilyn Manson's thoughts on machines replacing humans - Official Website Interview September 9, 1998

"It felt desirable to bring about an apocalypse on a mental level, to kill of all the old ways and finally to believe in yourself. If there is a God then he is a part of you."
- Marilyn Manson,British Interview, August 30th, 1997

“The Beautiful People is a statement on the fascism of beauty. With commercialism and television, everything's completely dictated to you, and if you don't fit into the status quo. You're made to feel not as good as everyone else."
-Marilyn Manson

"Ten different people can read the bible and interpret it ten different ways, so that's why there are so many diversions of Christianity, so you might as well do the same thing to us. I mean, we know what our message is, but they can interpret it however they want, that's the whole point of it. If they want to be a follower that's fine, we don't promote it, but, you know, we can't control that. But it's like that in any case, like Satanism. We do our own rituals that most people wouldn't understand what the point or message of it was. People are all into the bullsh*t magic aspects of it, black masses and all that stupid devil worship crap. Satanism is all about individuality and doing what you need to do, so once again stuff gets misinterpreted and as long as you get something out of it that they enjoy, then why not, you know, it doesn't all have to be the same thing."
-Madonna Wayne Gacy on December 4, 1995 for Gaston Gazette

"I've always enjoyed being hated. The people who hate you make it all worthwhile. On my Antichrist Superstar tour, I think I upset all the right people. Even if people are angry at me, at least they're talking about Marilyn Manson, and I've succeeded."
-Marilyn Manson

"It's designed to make people think. But the point with the bible or a flag is to say: It's only as valid as you make it in your heart. A piece of paper or a piece of cloth doesn't mean anything. It's what you believe and I want people to think about what they believe. I want them to consider if everything they've been taught, if that's what they want to believe or if that's what they've been told that they have to believe."
-Marilyn Manson's answer to why he tears up bibles and wipes his ass with the flag at his concerts

"Find out what's really out there. I never said to be like me, I say be like you and make a difference."
-Marilyn Manson

Question: What are you trying to contribute to society?
"On a basic level, entertainment. On a deeper level, thought-provoking ideas. Anything from religion to fashion, to philosophy, to sexuality. Everything that I can think of. I'm just an observer. I've always sat back and watched the world around me."
Marilyn Manson - Juice Magazine - October 1998

MM:"The whole concept of this band is to present the ugly truth about society - warts and all and let the chips fall where they may."
--Envisioned World - Huh Magazine October 1996

MM:"I try to do things in a way that people remember' em and that makes people think."
--Do you want to become innocent again? - Guitar School Magazine

MM:"I provide a challenge to the mainstream. It is always a challenge to push the boundaries and to inspire people to think in different ways. I will continue to provoke because I think that is what art is meant to do. It is meant to make people think. So, if I didn't make people think then I wouldn't be doing my job."
--Strange Kid - Norwegian Radio Interview 1998

"By judging other people, it's everything that we stand against. We're trying to say, "Let's break down these barriers. Let's make our own standards." We don't want to judge each other. We have to stick together. I think the more people that hear it, the more of us there are, and the more power that gives all of us."

MM:"Anybody who has awakened enough to see the way the world is, you can't really contain yourself after that. A lot of people go through life blind, and ignorance is bliss, but once you have to do something about it instead of being negative, I try to focus on being something positive like music."
--MuchMusic - November 17, 2000

--Human Evolution - Talk Magazine - November 2000
MM:"I'm amazed to see how backward humans have gone on the evolutionary chart."

MM:"The more bad movies, bad TV shows, and bad music I hear, the dumber I think it's making America."

MM:"I talked to my mother today, in fact. They're very proud that I'm doing something that I enjoy. My mom was always a big Elvis fan, so it works out. I'm kind of her version of Elvis."

MM:"I have just scores of legs and arms of all sorts, the most interesting one being a small one from a one or two year old child. A guy came up to me after a show and he had a prosthetic leg and hip. He took it off and gave it to me and walked away on crutches. He said, 'I want you to have this.' Which was really moving."

MM:"There is no support group for kids like this. There is no one marching in front of the democratic convention saying, 'What about the outcast, pimply-faced white teenager who gets beat up in school everyday?' That's what I was. There was no one there to stick up for me. Teenagers aren't considered human beings in some ways. Until you turn 18, you dont really have any rights, so in a sense you dont really have a soul. You're not really a real person. I think thats how a lot of teenagers feel in America."

MM:"What you end up finding is you can only change yourself. The thing that motivates me is seeing my own faults finally, rather than seeing what's wrong with the world. And seeing what can I do to make it a better place, even if it's just a better place for me."

MM:"Well, I don't see it that way. Regret is a negative emotion, like guilt. Plus, I attract outsiders and misfits because I am one. I think I voice a lot of their alienation because for a long time I felt it. Still do, to a degree. That said, there is evolution and character growth in everyone, and things I did even a year ago, or five years ago, I wouldn't do now. It was, how shall I put it, a voyage of discovery. I had to go out there and experience it all."

MM:"America is a breeding ground for mass murderers and serial killers because the media encourages it."

MM:"I've always had an affection for prosthetic limbs, I don't think it's a sexual thing. But I do find myself drawn to, which is a strange website. I don't know what it is but I am attracted to deformity and things of that nature. I like to find beauty in that, and not in an exploitative way. I like flaws. I think they're the most exciting part about humans. I think that difference is what keeps us from being like machines and the things that we create."

Thats all for now..good nite

love light and peace!

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12/10/01 09:11 PM

Re: Marilyn Manson
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To be perhaps brutally honest, I don't pay any attention to him. For others that choose to do so, I wish them well with their choices, their decisions.

I have chosen to not include his music/philosophy in my life. There is nothing unique, nor intentionally judgmental, about my decision in this regard.

Blessings in the Light,

May there be peace throughout the world.

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12/18/01 05:02 PM

Re: Marilyn Manson
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Hi Andrew

I agree.

And... honesty is an only way. Its never brutal but it can bring different reactions. I respect and honor people that living their truth.

With light,

"To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wind flower..." (W.Blake)

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01/10/02 11:16 PM

Re: Marilyn Manson
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I think that the band Marilyn Manson make artistically great records but..

..they show the warts and all side of life, why do you have to have your nose rubbed in it?

They make aggressive music and promote letting yourself go..?? This does not mean that MM does not often hit the nail on the head in his articulate way in interviews, though arn't many of his statements hyperbole?

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