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World Peace and Prayer Day - 1995
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My Dear Brothers & Sisters;

As I was sorting out through some file folders on my computer I came across this document that I think will benefit us here at this time.

I, Pipinawjakw8gan, (Looking Glass) Speaker for the Southern New England
Abenaki Council, the Kdinna Pobatamwogan Medicine Society, Abenaquis,
Nouvelle Terre. Signer of the Abenaki Federation Alliance Agreement, On this
date, November 15th, 1995, ask that all peoples join us as we Honer the
request of Arvol Looking Horse, Carrier of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf
Pipe for the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nations, in declaring June 21st, 1996 as
World Peace and Prayer Day.

According to the Spiritual Leaders and Elders who gathered at the United
Nations, and again at Six Nations Canada, to present their Prophesies, it
was noted that the "signs" of the Indigenous people's prophesies have shown
themselves. The prophesies tell us that it is time; that we must mend the
Sacred Hoop and begin global healing by working toward world peace and harmony.

There once was a time when we all were one people. We were able to live in
peace and harmony with each other. And the only differences many of us had
to contend with was the infringement on our hunting and fishing grounds by
others. Even then the people usually were able settle the differences in

Yes, we have been a strong people. And the ways of our grandfathers and
grandmothers have often prevailed. No one can be allowed to take away what
is rightfully ours or yours. The culture, the spirits and thje traditions
must remain intact.

We have all attuned ourselves to the words of our prophets, our elders.
They have spokened of the time when peace and harmont will prevail amoung
the people of all colors, All Nations. The people will again be given a
chance to walk in balance with the Universe. The time has come, as it did
before, when the white buffalo as prophesied, has appeared to again try and
teach peace amoung all people. People of all faiths have waited and waited,
their Spiritual Leaders and Medicine people, urging them to believe, to keep
thge faith; telling them thast they would see peace and unity amoung all
people. we must now be ready, and prepare for the cleansing, before the
rebirth of our many nations and the peace to come.

In Evansville, Vermont on August 20th 1994, many representatives of the
Abenaki Nation, from the United States and Canada gathered for the signing
and ratification of a formal peace and unity agreement between the many
bands and tribal groups of the Wabanaki peoples for the first time since
1713. You will see the importance of this as I go on.

There are many traditions that are universal amongst the people and nations
here on Tolba Menehan (Turtle Island). They serve to bind us together in
spirit. Our traditions are the ties that bind us together, a sense of
belonging, of strength, of support and comfort.

The White Buffalo is often refered to as the Spirit of the North, as
represented by the four directions. The appearance of the White Buffalo in
the spiritual realm is a sign that prayers are being heard, a sign that
Prophesies are being fulfilled. It speaks to us of a new beginning, a life
to be shared with all people, all races, all Nations and all creatures. It
speaks to us of the value of acceptance of all things in Harmony with and
among all people.

White Buffalo Woman, it is said, gave the pipe to human beings so that we
could learn the value of prayer. Prayer is the most often used weapon in
the search for peace.

Why do we, the Wabanaki people feel that the White Buffalo is of any
consequence ot us? Why do we strongly believe that it is an answer to our

The birth of the White Buffalo Calf in Janesville, Wisc., a suburb of
Evansville, Wisc. was between the hours of 7:15 and 8 PM on August 20th.
This coincides with the signing of the Peace, Unity and Alliance Council
that was ceremoniously being conducted in Evansville, Vermont at 8:00 PM on
August 20th 1994. A miricle was being asked for and a Miricle was being
delivered, literally. This lets us, the Native Peoples know that we must
unite with the others at this time, when we, as a people, are at a
crossroads where we must return to balance upon Mother Earth or we will face
a global disaster. It is our duty to return back to Sacred Places and pray
for world peace. If we do not do this, our children, and the seven
generations yet to come, will suffer greatly for our failure.

The Abenaki people are in awe of the events as they unfolded, and the gift
that has been sent to ALL Indigenous and Spiritual people everywhere. This
is a gift that serves to bring people of all Nations and all Faiths closer
to the quest pf Peace, HArmony and Understanding. This is the time when
families, friends and people of all Societies should sit in fireside circles
and listen while the Elders tell us all of the tales of the Great Mystery.

It has been decided according to the Star Knowledge, June 21st is the time
to pray. Indigenous people of Turtle Island will begin their spiritual
journey on horseback from Wahpeton, Saskatchewan, Canada to Grey Horn Butte,
in the Black Hills of Wyoming. There at 10 a.m. (Mountain time) the
ceremony will begin.

We of the Southern New England Abenaki Council will be organizing ceremonies
in a Sacred Center, so that we will be praying at the same time as those in
the Wyoming and Dakota Hills.

We ask all people, of all faiths, to respond, join us and support our
efforts toward world peace and harmony - Our circle of life where there is
no ending and no beginning.

May peace be with all

Ray (Looking Glass) Lussier

Southern New England Council
National Federation of the Republic of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation

May Peace Reign Over The World

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Re: World Peace and Prayer Day - 1995
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Thanks Joanne!

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Re: World Peace and Prayer Day - 1995
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Anytime Annie! Love Ya!

May Peace Reign Over The World

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