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09/12/01 06:29 PM

As I was praying...
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My Dear Ones;

Due to the USA Tragedy; I spent my night reciting the rosary along with lit candles and a special presence/image appeared which was Mother Teresa. She did not say anything but look at me deep into my eyes as I continued to pray.

Mitakuye Oyasin.
[We are all related.]

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09/13/01 07:43 AM

Re: As I was praying...
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I was doing the same thing the night before it happened when Spirit told me what was to happen. Although, I suppose it wasn't quite prayer, it was more like an expression of outrage at the apparent indifference. But I found those that I called out to just looked back at me.

I once told a shaman that I found it very disturbing to have to watch the process of manifestation. To hear the thought, to feel the emotions, to see the shifts of energies as the curtains rise onto a new moment. And he told me to try and not take it so personally.

I don't know why that seemed pertainent here, but I keep hearing it over and over.


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