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The True Nature of Life
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Since childhood, I have had a burning desire to understand life, the cosmos, and the universe. I also wanted to understand why I suffered, why other people suffered, why life was the way it was and still is.

That hunger for learning the truth of life and of the secrets of the universe drove me to study many different subjects of science, many philosophies, many religions, many alternative media subjects of research, including government conspiracies, UFOs, channeling, the paranormal, and more. Until a few years ago, I felt at a loss because, it seemed to me, I was no closer to understanding the grand scheme of things now than when I was as a child.

Over the last couple of years, however, I have slowly put together all of the information I have learned during my lifetime in a coherent way. I feel that the eyes of my understanding have been opened. And although the understanding I now hold is very unpopular and not pleasant to most people, I am here on a mission to share this knowledge for the benefit of those who may find anything of value in it.

What follows is a message I will deliver to my own family, in the future, when I’m ready for them to hear it. For now, I only want to share this with the rest of the world because I’m not ready to take action on all that I have learned until my mission is fulfilled. My message is quite long, that’s why I don’t give it all here. Please access either the text version or the audio version of my message by clicking on the links below (these files are stored in my Google Drive).



Thank You for your interest in understanding more fully the truth about the nature of life.


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