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The natural cross.
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Almost everything has a cross attached to it: getting out of bed, trying to type on forums, gardening, even the plants in the garden have a cross. The plants have difficulty growing, they have to streeeetch and overcome their own weight. What doesn't bear the cross in some way? Everything has its cross, and only Christ brings this message to the religious world in this Catholic or Universal way.

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Re: The natural cross.
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Life is illusion and glamour. That separation exists is illusion. All is unified in that all is energy. Spirit perhaps? The separated self embarks on a long and arduous journey which ends at the cross. When we sacrifice our separate ego and finally see that we are all not only members of the same family, but parts of the same body, then we will enjoy the fruits of our divinity. It is glamour which interferes with this vision of oneness. Glamour is anything which causes us to maintain and protect our separated nature. To finally end all glamour requires our own crucifixion.

life is silly

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