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I am not as angry at you for being homophobic for no reason. For causing the first seventeen years of my life to be only negative comments about me. For destroying your own ethics to get revenge. I am the most angry that you made me wait. Wait for the spiritual experience I could have had. Wait for you to stop blocking spirituality with your hate. Wait to be validated as a being of light which I always knew but you were not sure about. For waiting for spirituality instead of it always being there. For having to wait for death to get the entire spiritual experience I need.


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04/19/17 11:17 AM

Re: Waiting
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Maybe the reason Christianity made you wait, the reason this has happened to you, was to teach you that the only validation that matters is your own?

If you think you're OK, then you are.

Christianity can be beautiful but it is also a flawed system because humans are in charge of it and humans do selfish, prideful things to feed their own egos and to divide people. Jesus never discriminated, did he? He'd say you're fine. I think this is why religion tells us to be basically stubborn in our faith. If you are stubborn in what you KNOW to be true about you, IE, your way of life, your feelings, your sexuality and whatever else about you, then it doesn't matter what other people think.

And it doesn't. I've found if you wait for someone else to validate you, you'll wait all your life and probably never feel validated fully. But if you validate yourself, you negate the need for anyone's approval. Which is wise, because noone knows you like YOU do anyway, so noone but you is even qualified to make decisions or judgements about you.

Truthfully I know what it's like to want validation from organizations or people you feel have authority over you, but bitter experience has taught me most of those people do NOT love me, they do NOT care, they only want a power trip, an ego trip, or they want to feel high and mighty etc and they want to use ME to do that. By putting me down they make themselves feel bigger and better. They're very selfish. So I no longer give them chance to use me, I don't give them power by asking for their opinion.

Just my thoughts.

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Re: Waiting
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Sigh. I've forgotten the name of the guy, but he used to do men's groups in the '80's...He put well when he said that our youth is spent putting rocks into a sack we carry with us throughout our lives (representing learned stuff, both useful and harmful), and then we spend the rest of our lives taking those rocks out.

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