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Who Is God? Why Does He Allow Suffering?
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1. Does God have a name?

Although God has many titles, he has only one name. In each language, it is pronounced differently. In English it is usually pronounced “Jehovah.” But some people pronounce it “Yahweh.” (Psalm 83:18)

2. What is God like?

Jehovah is love. He cares about us all deeply and wishes that not one of us take the path of destruction. (Peter 3:9) We can discern God’s personality from the things he has created and the emotions we possess. For instance, the variety of fruits, flowers and animals, the beautiful landscapes and the warm sun that accompanies them. Joyful tears, love, kindness, compassion etc etc tells us of his love and wisdom. The size of the universe tells us of his power. (Romans 1:20) Jehovah knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows exactly how many hairs we have on our head. (Luke 12:7)

3. How can we draw closer to God?

Jehovah invites us to draw close to him by speaking to him in prayer. He is interested in us individually. (Psalm 65:2; 145:18) He is willing to forgive. He recognizes our efforts to please him, even if we sometimes fail. So despite our imperfection, we really can enjoy a close relationship with God. (Psalm 103:12-14, James 4:8)

4. Why does Earth suffer from so much corruption?

All of Jehovah’s works are perfect; he is not the author of unrighteousness; so he did not create anyone wicked. (Deut. 32:4, Ps. 5:4) The one who became Satan was originally a perfect spirit son of God. When saying that the Devil “did not stand fast in the truth,” Jesus indicated that at one time that one was “in the truth.” (John 8:44) But, as is true of all of God’s intelligent creatures, this spirit son was endowed with free will. He abused his freedom of choice, allowed feelings of self-importance to develop in his heart, began to crave worship that belonged only to God, and so enticed Adam and Eve to listen to him rather than obey God. Thus by his course of action he made himself Satan, which means “adversary.” (Jas. 1:14, 15)

Why did not God destroy Satan promptly after he rebelled?

Serious issues were raised by Satan: (1) The righteousness and rightfulness of Jehovah’s sovereignty. Was Jehovah withholding from mankind freedom that would contribute to their happiness? Were mankind’s ability to govern their affairs successfully and their continued life truly dependent on their obedience to God? Had Jehovah been dishonest in giving a law that stated that disobedience would lead to their death? (Gen. 2:16, 17, 3:3-5) So, did Jehovah really have the right to rule? (2) The integrity of intelligent creatures toward Jehovah. By the deflection of Adam and Eve the question was raised: Did Jehovah’s servants really obey him out of love or might all of them abandon God and follow the lead being given by Satan? This latter issue was further developed by Satan in the days of Job. (Gen. 3:6, Job 1:8-11, 2:3-5 see also Luke 22:31) These issues could not be settled by merely executing the rebels.

Please Google: JW Bible Answers for accurate information on God, Jesus, The Future and Life..

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Re: Who Is God? Why Does He Allow Suffering?
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No one or thing creates any thing. You are the creator

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Re: Who Is God? Why Does He Allow Suffering?
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jews define satan as the lower impulses of man. some would give that an external power as a being to fear. no one should name the absolute/ divine. you can not control it or contain it. that is abhorrent. you are here to meet it. humble yours;f, be still and know I AM.

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Re: Who Is God? Why Does He Allow Suffering?
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Suffering is by design, "Gods design" Simplistically there would be no point to existence without it... Suffering challenges the soul to grow, which by definition we are here to do.

Love is the key

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Re: Who Is God? Why Does He Allow Suffering?
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There should not be suffering. Only contrast, of events, emotions, experiences. Suffering is an illusion, human creation, creation of the protective ego,wanting to reject truth about polarity. There cant be light without darkness.

Going home.

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01/03/16 10:40 AM

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Re: Who Is God? Why Does He Allow Suffering?
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I disagree about opposites. Light would still exist. That there would be no literal contrast doesn't mean that the contrast (opposite) wouldn't or couldn't be understood.

When we start to examine this duality notion, we realize that "light" must be defined. How bright? Is it constant or is there some fluctuation in color or brightness? In our reality right now, all light is in a constant state of flux, often imperceptible to us. There's a sort of middle ground to everything. Nothing is absolute; everything exists on a continuum. We don't have just Light and Dark...we have dawn and dusk, sunrise and sunset.

To me, saying that there can't be one thing without its opposite is like saying there can't be a healthy bone if it hasn't been broken. It's like saying there is no love without hate, and yet that's a goal most people strive for. Love would still exist and perhaps be even more precious in its fullness.

It's not so much that we can't have X without Y, it's just that experiencing everything is part of the human journey here on Earth. (We get to have as many lives here as it takes for us to fully integrate the lessons here.)

I don't believe that duality is the natural state. I believe it's just one more step in spiritual growth and that moving past it into genuine Oneness is the next step.

I also don't believe that God is male. While I respect the views of those who do believe in a supreme being with gender, it's somewhat offensive to me as a woman.

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Re: Who Is God? Why Does He Allow Suffering?
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God is the creation of Man because Man needed a father figure.

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Re: Who Is God? Why Does He Allow Suffering?
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There is NO "god" - only Life life-ing or Happening happening or Experience experiencing.

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