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Oh. My. Nearly. Lost. For. Words.
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I've been hearing talk about a particular tattoo artist for years. I finally got one by him the other day. Two Kanji symbols, Spirit, and Bird. His art, style and mannerisms are hypnotic. Bored yet? Well, he gives me a church card. I check out the church online... to cut to the point, ex members have shared their painful experiences on Geraldo Rivera. Abuse of every type immaginable. The tattoo artist is smart. He seems to know I would find the real truth at some point. How do you win a battle of wits? Certainly not with words. Certainly not by simply getting a client to utter a "no" meaning "no, I have nothing better to say than the truth you are trying to persuade me into believing." He might be trying to get my parents to join. To clear any current assumptions, I have over 30 tattoos, and believe in God. I have dreadlocks for spiritual reasons. As soon as this revelation set in, I felt an EXTREME peace cover me like a warm blanket. I get the feeling it was sent from a friend/relative past or present.

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