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Christ the 'Solar Key'
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KRST - These 4 letters were found on plaques attached to ancient Egyptian coffins that date back anywhere between 3500 - 5000 years. These plaques designate an ancient brotherhood of princes and Kings who exist in the higher realms. And through out history have chosen to return back to 3arth to serve and teach the people ‘the nature of eternity and the concept of universal God’.

CHRIST - The term Christ means the anointed one or Messiah, The term Christ was widely used by the prophets of the ‘Old testament’ way before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

THE WORD CHRIST when spoken slowly are the words ‘Cry East’.

THE WORD CHRISTOS - Comprises of 3 words. The word Christ plus the letters ‘O’ and ‘S’.
O - A symbol for a planet.
S - The symbol for a snake, symbolizing rejuvenation, the annual rebirth & shedding of the skin.
Therefore the word Christos means ‘Christ on 3arth rejuvenated’

Is in reference to any incarnate from the upper realms who has come to teach the concept of eternal life as opposed to finite life, to teach and solidify the presence of a Universal God. They are representatives of a ‘Ancient order or Brotherhood’ that comprises of a multitude of different races, who live in the upper spiritual realm known as the Holy land. They are also referred as ‘Paradise Sons, Descending Sons, Solitary messengers, Sons of God, or simply a Christ’.

The eventual return of Christ simply means, that the Temple at ‘Iwitea Wairoa’ will be built in the near future. This Temple will house the ‘Arc of the Covenant’. As God had promised, the Christ will return and will send the ‘Isra elite being the people of God’ to a promised land that has been prepared through the ‘Dimensions of the blessed’. This process is done with the help of the ‘Dawn Sun’ and a crystal that will reside on the altar within this sacred Temple. The Christ is therefore an advocate of eternity, the ‘Solar Key’ and holder of this ancient knowledge. The word ‘crystal, when spoken slowly are the words ‘Christ tool’.

SOLAR KEY - When we place the letter ‘t’, that designates the cross of Christ, before the word ‘Solar’.
The word 'tSOLAR' when read backwards, now reads as the words ‘Ra lost’. It is through the rebirth, acknowledgment and help of the ancient ‘Sun God Ra’, that the Isra-elite will return to a promised land. The words ‘Solar key’, when spoken slowly are the words ‘So lucky’.

The word ‘Cobra’ is composed of two words. A ‘Cob’ being an old fashioned small round crusty loaf of bread, and ‘Ra’ being the ancient Egyptian God of the Sun. The word Cobra is not only a venomous snake, but also means ‘The Cob & bread of Ra'.

On the 19th December 2006, A cobra head was found on suburban street in a city located in Aotearoa. This find was broadcasted on all major national television stations. The significance of this news is that , the heavens have used this ‘cobra head’ to convey a message to humanity, that the 'ancient one' and representative of the 'Bread of Ra' has returned to teach the people of the nature of the ‘Dawn Temple of light’. Once established, the 'alter mass temple' will be used to take the Isra elite home to the promised land.

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