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The Foundation Stone Iwitea -Wairoa New Zealand
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Historians claim that Maori have been here in Aotearoa from anywhere between 800 - 1200 years. The exact date cannot be determined, however one fact remains. Maori were guided to these shores by the celestial Heavens. The reason being there is a altar and foundation stone the height of a man that was placed here in this country long before the arrival of any human beings.

In reference to the BiBle, this stone is described in the ‘Book of Daniel’ as a rock or stone, not hewn or made by human hands. It is mentioned in Nebuchadnezzar dream of a brilliant statue or idol. This statue had a head made of gold, a chest and arms of silver, a belly of brass, legs of iron and feet made partly of iron and clay. This stone cut without the use of hands, enters the dream. It strikes the statue on its feet smashing the entire idol into dust. As the wind blows this dust away, this stone becomes a great mountain that fills the whole earth.

This ancient stone is actually a ‘stone altar’, and is located on the east coast at a marae called ‘Iwitea, in a township called Wairoa’. The bloodline of the Maori ancient high priests settled in this area and are the guardians of the first rays of the dawn sun - ‘Hamuera, which is translated as the doorway or gateway’

THE WORD DAWN - The word ‘dawn’ when spoken slowly are the words ‘Door in’, you may very well ask … ‘A doorway to where?’


The historical Christ Jesus is quoted as saying from the Gospel of Thomas “I will reveal to you what no eye can see, what no ear can hear, what no hand can touch, what cannot be conceived by the human mind”

Jesus was referring to the ‘Dimensions of the Blessed’. This is where the other invisible realms and Kingdoms exist. When we die and pass over to the other side. Do not think in terms of floating upwards and disappearing into the skies and heavens but instead, think in terms of stepping sideways into another world. These unseen worlds are kept separate from our own world simply by altering the angle of particle spin or altering the angle of pulsating matter.( ARPS Angular rotation of particle spin ). If you can imagine the blades of a planes propeller speeding up, when they reach a certain speed, they remain there but become invisible to the naked eye.

The word ‘dimension’ when spoken slowly are the words ‘Die men shone’, in regards to both men and woman who lived good honest lives, were beacons and shone for others while they lived on this earth.

Therefore the foundation stone in ‘Wairoa’ is where a special temple will be built, and a crystal will reside. This crystal is able to send men and woman of faith to the upper Kingdoms and realms known as heaven or the ‘Dimensions of the blessed’. This is done with the help of the first rays of the dawn sun. This stone altar at ‘Iwitea Wairoa’ will therefore house the future mobile temple and ‘Arc of the Covenant’. The word crystal when spoken slowly are the words ‘Christ tool’.

EXODUS 24:22
The location of the Ark is to remain unknown “Until the time that God shall gather his people the Israelites, it was also the place where God was to be found It is there that I shall meet you”

ALTAR - A raised structure used for offerings at a place of worship.
ALTER - also means to make different into something else, without changing the quantity or mass.

MASS - To assemble or gather, to congregate usually in a house of the lord.
MASS - also means a quantity of ‘matter or form’ being held together.

TEMPLE - A building used for worship among any of the old ancient or present civilizations.
TEMPLE - also means the flattened area located on either side of the forehead, of a person.

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