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Our Fathers Heart & Soul
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HEART = The heart is not only the most important muscle used by the body. But is a word used to describe a person who has in their nature, much generosity, compassion and love.
HE = A word used in reference to a male.
ART = Is a word to describe an ‘end product’ made with the conscious use of skill and creative imagination. When used in the context of ‘God the creator’. That creation is our fathers art. That our heavenly father is the cosmic artist, source and essence from which we are all made That we exist and have been created from our heavenly fathers conscious mind of pure intention and love.

We should therefore look at ourselves as a smaller portion of our heavenly father, created in the image, conscious and cosmic mind of a moral God. That we are all potentially souls that have the capacity of great love and compassion. Your heart located in your own treasure ‘chest’ is a smaller replica of our heavenly fathers heart.

SOUL = The spiritual essence of a human being that constitutes the ‘self’.
The word ‘Soul’ when spoken slowly are the words ‘So old’.

Most of humanity associate the ‘sign’ or symbol for ‘love’ as the little red heart we find in valentine cards. The little red heart is actually two mirrored ‘9’s ( two eternity’s ) the unification of soul mates. The letter ‘i’ is a body with a small dot ( as the head ).When a person becomes more evolved spiritually, the letter ‘i’ graduates & becomes the letter ‘l’, the letter ‘l’ being the ‘Universal symbol for ‘love’, completion! The letter ‘l’ designating the journey from lower 3arth then upwards towards the direction of the heavens.

The number ‘9’ is one of the primary symbols representing ‘eternity’. From the beginning ‘a small point or mark’, then spiraling outwards towards infinity. Before a person can understand the concept of eternity, they must firstly understand that creation is an ongoing ‘infinite’ process. The number or figure ‘8’ is the universal symbol for ‘infinity’, where the process is replicated ‘perhaps not always exactly’, but replicated to allow the creative forces of the Universe to continue. It is best to imagine the ‘cross bar’ of the number ‘8’ as a super highway that passes under each other. When men and woman begin to understand the concepts of ‘infinity & eternity’, their minds cannot help but become more worldly, universal and cosmic in nature.

‘THE WORD DRAMA - the hidden language from the Gods’.
The letter ‘D’ is 2 symbols or glyphs attached to each other. The letter ‘l’ and the number ‘9’ joined together. The letter ‘D’ therefore means ‘love eternity’. The word ‘Drama’ can be broken down and read as ‘l + 9 + Ra + Ma’, which then reads as …… ‘love eternity, from Ra + Ma’, they being both our heavenly parents.

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