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camera - the hidden language from the heavens
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If indeed these exist a supreme God who’s ‘will’ overseers the infinite process of creation, we would have to come to the conclusion that this God has also influenced the process of human evolution in the ‘mental and bio-spiritual’ sense. We must also understand that our ‘God the supreme cosmic intelligence and universal architect’ would have left finger prints for us to find within all languages and especially the global language we have all come to know as the English language.
We may practice the process of ‘free will in thought’ but also have available at our disposal a portion of ‘divine cosmic intelligence and cosmic conscience’ that emanates from a source being our father of the heavens. We would have to agree that this portion of divine cosmic conscience has its origin and reflects the ‘will’ of universal God …. the simple acknowledgement of ‘the divine presence of all that is, and all that will ever be’.

The humble camera and video camera that millions use and own, would be the most affordable and widely used human invention that is ‘in use’ globally to capture memorable visual images. If all aspects of creation fall under the banner of God the provider & creator …. Then this God is present ‘in all things’ that falls under the banner of creation, and is speaking to us.

KA = The spirit that dwells in all humans.
ME = Designating the self.
RA = The ancient Egyptian God of the Suns & Sis-stars of ISRAel.

'KA - ME - RA'
“That our heavenly father Ra is here, there and everywhere”.

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