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The Vowel & Promise from our Heavenly Parents
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The law of eternity forecasted the English language would eventually reach all 4 corners of the globe, In time humanity would learn that ‘God’ has a signature in all ‘oral & written’ communication, this being the divine presence, “The Breathe of God”
A = Alpha the beginning, the planning, the paper & Compass.
E = Symbol for eternity, lower case ‘e’ the backward ‘9’ Golden ratio, Golden means, Eternity.
I = The acknowledgment of ‘Oneself’ … lower case i, A human body with a head,
O = Symbol for a planet, in this case our planet 3arth.
U = Symbol for U-turn, or to return … ‘Heaven > 3arth > Heaven’

Therefore A-E-I-O-U … ‘Alpha, In the beginning eternity, I on 3arth will return!’

The law of eternity forecasted, that in time the decimal numeral system would again reach all 4 corners of the globe. For those searching, the answers have been here all this time … here is the code …

0 = Symbol for a Planet, In this case our 3arth.
1 = The acknowledgment of ‘oneself … being ‘I’, lower case ‘i’, a body with a head.
2 = The acknowledgment of another Soul …. Us … We!
3 = The acknowledgment of a Higher Order … 3 = god. Place your finger in the air & write the
number 3 starting from the bottom. When you reach halfway, make 3 little ‘o’s then continue
upwards ‘g…o…d’
4 = The acknowledgment of space & direction, North, East, South, West, Including longitude &
latitude, there is a ‘9’ sitting on the west bar … ‘All that is & all that will ever be’
5 = The Hand!, being the hand of God!
6 = ( = male. 6 = female. ‘666’ = male, female, humanity.
7 = The concept of time, seconds, minutes, hours and days.
8 = Infinity, the concept of infinity, having no beginning, and having no end.
9 = The golden ratio, golden means, pushing outwards towards infinity, The law of eternity!

Therefore 0 - 9 = ‘On 3arth,I, us and God, all that is, and all that will ever be, the hand of God, with humanity in time infinity, destined for eternity!’

Most of humanity associate the ‘sign’ or symbol for ‘love’ as the little red heart we find in valentine cards. The little red heart is actually two mirrored ‘9’s ( two eternity’s ) the unification of soul mates. The letter ‘i’ is a body with a small dot ( as the head ).When a person becomes more evolved Spiritually, the letter ‘i’ graduates & becomes the letter ‘l’, the ‘Universal symbol for ‘love’, completion! The letter ‘l’ designating the journey from lower 3arth and upwards towards the direction of the heavens.

Therefore the word ‘BiBle’ can be translated as ….
B = ‘l’ + ‘3’ joined together.
‘l’ = love … ‘3’= god
Therefore the word BiBle is….
l +3 + i + l +3 + l + e ….. ‘love god, I love god, love eternity’

The location of the Great Pyramids located on the Giza Plateau …The Pyramids are a calendar of past, present & future events. The longitude & latitude lines intersect @ 30 degrees North & 31 degrees East.
‘GOD on 3arth & GOD & I’

The statement ‘I AM’
The letter ‘M’ has a pair of ‘eyes’ at the top of each Arch, At the base of each pillar reside …. a Planet, a Moon & a Sun/Star.
I = The acknowledgment of ‘oneself’
A = Alpha, the beginning, the planning, the paper & compass!
M = All that is seen & perceived from the Heavens.

The statement ‘I AM’ therefore means … ‘I in the beginning, all that is seen & perceived from the Heavens’

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The Vowel to Send 'The 144,000'
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‘The One forty - four ( 000 )’ is mentioned 3 times in the BiBle. There also use to exist ‘144,000 highly polished limestone quartz tiles’ on the outer casing of the Great Pyramids located on the Giza Plateau near Cairo.

REVELATIONS 7:3-8 “Saying do not harm the 3arth or the sea or the trees. Until after we have sealed the servant of God on the foreheads, and I
heard the number of the sealed, A hundred and forty four thousand, sealed from every tribe of the Sons of Israel”

When we write the word ‘Forty four’, we can emphasise the letter ‘t’, which then becomes the Cross of Christ. We can then write the words ‘Forty four’ in another way, for example ‘For -t- for’.
When we change the number ‘One’ to the word ‘Won’, which is used in the past context of ‘win’, as in to, ‘win a prize or gift’.
The word ‘thousand’ when spoken slowly, are the words ‘Vowel send’, the One forty four thousand then becomes the ‘Won for -t- for vowel send’. Meaning ‘Won for Christ, for vowel send’. In regards to the ‘Vowel and Promise to send the people of Christ to a promised land’.

ISAIAH 49:13-17
“Even if a mother could forget her child, the lord would not forget his children, for they are engraved on the palms of his

Our lord God makes it clear, the ‘ISRAelites’ are to be exiled from there land, despite their hardships the lord God will never forget the people, and promises the displaced Israelites, that they will eventually be taken out of bondage & slavery, to brought back to their true homeland. An ISRAelite can be any person from any race, creed or tribe, regardless of religious affiliation. They may not even be religious in nature. They are simply the enlightened members of humanity, ‘The Dues’, the people who play the game of life fairly and are therefore owed eternity.

ISRAel - Isis & Ra’s eternity love.
CHILDREN OF ISRAel - Any member of humanity.
ENLIGHTEN - ‘In light ten’ ( In regards to the people who honour the 10 commandments )

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