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Love Is Power!
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Some say love is blind.

Others call it selfish.

And yet others say love is to take.

I want you to open your heart and eyes and examine love as a feeling that is generated according to the person’s understanding of life, his priority in life, his belief, what he is thinking about, what he wants to achieve, and what his goal in life is, among many other factors. For example, those who believe that money is the answer, they love money, love rich people, love jobs that can give them big money, love men or women who are wealthy; by this way everything will be driven from money perspective. Those who love prestige will surround themselves with such people. Those who are into body and looks surround themselves with similar people.

How many people actually consider the person’s character, manners and soul while initiating a relationship? How many people check whether they are comfortable with the soul of the other person and his or her presence? Above mentioned are just a few examples but the same goes for everything that people might love such as music, dancing, drugs, alcohol, camping, education and degrees, gaining knowledge etc.

All that I have shared with you so far is to give you a glimpse of our current situation. I believe that over time we as humans have lost many values including basic fundamental understanding of life. If our feeling or thinking is not driven by justice, harmony, peace and happiness then it will be driven by the need of accumulation which causes us to become greedy, selfish, stingy, and oppressive to each other. This causes us to be hollow individuals who are driven by emotions that can lead them to tragedy, hurt, loss and mischief towards others.

We underestimate the consequences of this beautiful, noble value, one of the most powerful elements that we humans posses—our feelings and the term love!

Human beings are driven by two forces of feeling—positive and negative. Positive is the feeling of love and negative is the feeling of fear. Positive feeling can have a great impact on us as individuals, group or the whole society. Whereas negative feelings leave a damaging impact on us as individuals, collective and a society. For example, you can examine jails, hospitals, and rehab centers to find out how many people end up in these places because of a bad or broken relationship or after failed love to a wrong person.

Thus far, all the explanation is to help you realize the magnitude of this beautiful force called love! If we channel this force with the right person for a right cause, to elevate ourselves with this beautiful gift which the Creator has given us, it can be the most powerful experience of our lives.

Love Is an Action Or Name of An Emotion?

Often love is used as a noun which describes an emotion that we experience. However, I believe in the interpretation of the term love as a verb, not a noun. It is an action because it generates a cycle of successive actions—positive or negative. Look at how someone you love can change your life forever, whether good or bad.

Even if you disagree with me, if you continue to bear with me I promise to help you reach a beautiful understanding of this topic which will not only change your life in this world, but also the hereafter!

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Re: Love Is Power!
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a very well written article. to me love is of 2 types for a women & vice versa & 4 the family. 4 ones work which is ultimately in the interests of the country. of these 2 love for a spouse fades with time as v c from the number of divorces occuring.
hence hard & honest work is the highest form of worship to god.


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