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So What Exactly Is Love?
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Some people say love is to give. It is true!

Some say love is the ultimate loyalty and belonging. I agree!

Some say love is to make the one you love happy or to please the one you love. Agreed!

Some say love is to be able to give everything and do anything for the one you love. OK!

Some say love is to give unconditionally forever. Sure!

Some say love is ultimate sacrifice for the one you love. Agreed!

We can continue explaining the different perspectives and understandings of love from different people but I want you to consider this:

How many people today suffer, end up in jail, and even lose their lives in the name of love? How many people end up with a broken heart and deal with a lot of drama, sadness and horror from a so called love relationship? How many people suffer loss of wealth, time, physical, emotional and mental abilities, all in all a lot of damage over love? So where does all this sadness, tragedy and drama come from?

Let’s go step by step and examine a few questions in order to reach a comprehensive understanding.

If love is so beautiful and is supposed to generate happiness and pleasure, how does it end this way?
Created with two powerful internal forces:

Feeling and emotion;
Thinking and intellect.

These two forces are driven and ignited or can be channeled according to the person’s knowledge, understanding of life, faith, upbringing, and the influence of the most significant companion in the person’s life. The bottom line is that people’s feelings or thinking are shaped by these elements among many others.

This is what develops strength in the feeling or thinking and influences the purpose and goal that this feeling or thinking generates. This produces the outcome of this feeling or thinking which then reflects in the personality, character, person’s motivation in life and what he is trying to achieve; and can eventually lead the person to success or failure, happiness or tragedy.

You add to that the fact that some people are thinking and intellect driven while others are more emotional than intellectual. In simpler words, some people become emotional and then think later while others think too much and their emotion is very minimal

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Re: So What Exactly Is Love?
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G'day Spiritualannie

Love driven by emotions can be of lust,desire & want, love driven by intellect can also be of lust,desire & want so where does need come into it? If we use our emotions & our intellect in unison we usually come up with a need funny enough. Most people are driven by one or the other mostly.

Spirituals awareness doesn't just give us awareness but balance as well. If we looked at being scientifically aware does this give us balance like spirituality?


Acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

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11/11/13 01:28 AM

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Re: So What Exactly Is Love?
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I don't have an answer now, not sure if I'll find an answer along the way, but when I leave here, I would not be surprised if I found an answer. Life is full of questions and uncertainty.

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