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Love—a noble feeling that is a significant part of our human lives. We have been created with the desire to love and be loved. Over the course of history, I believe, there are fewer words that have been so often discussed, interpreted, misunderstood and misconstrued as the word love.

Love is a feeling which is supposed to generate intense happiness and joy for those who experience it. It is not a necessity of life but it enhances it, makes it more meaningful and decorates it with pleasure.

People claim to love different things in their lives; from beauty, body, sect, race, a place, time, even foods, incidents, hobbies, or style of certain things we do in life can be loved. To explain my point, some people claim to love sweets while others are drawn to savory tastes. We label our every day pleasures and preferences as our love using terms such as ‘I love to do’, ‘I love to say’, ‘I love to have’, ‘I love so and so’. The excessive use of the term for mundane things of life has devalued its meaning and snatched its beauty and weight.

Today, many people are confused between need, want and love. My hope of sharing this topic with you is for us, especially our youth, to have an in-depth understanding of the topic so they can understand their feelings and allocate them appropriately.

Growing up in a materialistic environment that lacks spirituality, morals and right understanding, causes people to become selfish, greedy, and lonely inside. They become hollow and superficial—those who are concerned with the outer and neglect the inner, those who are more interested in the body and external beauty and neglect the inner beauty of the soul, manners and character of the person. They choose companions, jobs or even a place using their emotions instead of thinking and trying to understand where this love and emotion could lead them.

In a state like this a lot of principles and understandings of life get lost and are replaced by confusion. Imagine when confusion becomes the norm and the normal beautiful aspects of life become confusing! Even our own feelings! To the point that now we have a lot of tragedy, oppression, aggression, and even criminal acts carried out in the name of love

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Re: Love
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D'day Spiritualannie

A good little thread.

We can also have the love of killing & raping or war, we can define love as anything & believe it or not these people who love killing & hurting others in many ways truly love it.

However benevolence is a word I use in place of love at times because it's very definable or I use both words together, benevolent love, you can't mistaken this meaning of love.

There is indeed a huge difference between want/lust/desire & need in reference to love.


Acceptance of all leads to true spiritual awareness.

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